When a recruiter is reviewing someone’s résumé, it will take on average 6-7 seconds until the initial decision “fit/not fit.” By using our résumé templates created with the help of HR experts, you will make those seconds work in your favor and your application will land into the “fit” category.

Chances of being called for an interview increase when having a résumé that has a pleasant visual design and all the important information is structured in an intuitive way that makes it easy to read.

If you don’t know yet where to start and still wondering how to create the perfect résumé, don’t worry. We prepared these résumé examples for you, so you can have an idea of what recruiters are expecting to see in the perfect job application.

Find bellow our list of résumé examples

Nurse Leader Résumé Example

Nurse Leader

Like in all the other industries, also the nurses might find it challenging when looking for a new job.

Make sure your résumé is tailored for one specific job at a time in order to increase your chances of getting hired faster.

As a nurse, you have dozens of tasks and achievements, but it is important to focus on the one that had the highest value for the institution.

Business Developer Résumé Example

Business Developer

The position of a Business Development Manager can be a little bit confusing since it gathers tasks from both sales and marketing.

As a Business Development Manager you need to focus on your achievements regarding the new clients who have brought to the company, be it by networking, cold calling or through new and innovative approaches.

The exact responsibilities may vary from company to company, but it is important to quantify your achievements, the value you have brought to the companies and the core skills you have developed. Try to limit the use of the infographics, since your skills might be more specific and niche oriented and hard to measure it from a scale due to subjectivity.

Software Developer Résumé Example

Software Developer

As a Software Developer in the intermediate level having between 1 to 5 years of experience, it is probably that you had a crucial part in the development, design and maintenance of different software systems.

It is important to point out how the programs you created or helped to create helped the end-users or the businesses to be more efficient.

Focus as well on your inter-personal skills as it is a high chance you will be part of a bigger team and will need to collaborate with other stakeholders to create the perfect products that will help to simplify people’s life.

Digital Marketing Manager Résumé Example

Digital Marketing Manager

Pursuing a career in the Marketing industry usually, means that you have started from being an intern in a company and then got promoted to a full-time assistant position then to the mid-management level.

In your main tasks/achievements, you should mention how your projects and tasks helped the company maximize the profits and the sales/marketing campaigns you have conducted.

You need to show how your skills as a marketing leader were developed but also the ones for the business leader because most of the times you have worked with the executives to agree and set different budgets for the future campaigns/strategies.

Bar Manager Résumé Example

Bar Manager

If you are an experienced bar manager looking for a new job or a bartender who aims to become one, here are some facts about the position.

Whatever the place (from pubs to high-end luxury bars) the core duties related to the bar manager position are standard.

You will need to direct, plan and manage all the operations from managing the staff and adjusting their schedule to making sure the quality standards are met, customers are happy and maintain the efficiency at maximum for maximum profits and minimum waste.

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