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Novorésumé - helping everyone to create a modern resume

Our mission is to end the struggle that people have when creating their resume and to reduce unemployment by simplifying the steps in the hiring process. At the same time, we aim to save the employers valuable and resources when looking for the perfect candidate.

When looking for a new job, one of the most important steps is creating a resume that will reflect your personality and summarize the professional experience. On top of that, it should also follow the graphic design and recruitment principles to present interest for the person that is reviewing dozens of applications.

The problem that we discovered was that the majority of the persons looking for a new job lack the design and writing skills needed to create a modern resume.

This challenge is being fixed by Novorésumé, which is a web application that makes it easier for everyone to create a modern resume. A resume is much like a puzzle: a lot of information that has to come together to create an image. It may be difficult to arrange the pieces. However, we can help users finding the ones that match.

How is the problem solved?

  • Professional resume templates are created by an experienced graphic designer, while at the same time, following the rules imposed by the recruitment experts.

  • Templates can be customized by choosing different layouts, color themes and fonts in order to reflect their personality.

  • Resumes can be downloaded in PDF format, which allows the user to send it by email, upload it on company's’ website or print it.

  • All the information is saved on the user profile, so it can be easily edited in the future.

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