2018 Resume Examples for Your Job [+Writing Tips]

May 16
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Free Resume Examples for Jobs and Resume Samples - 2018

Writing a resume is not an easy endeavour, and according to the feedback from our existing community, it is really helpful to check professional resume examples before starting to write your own.

Our team joined forces with recruiters and employers and started to create resume examples for various industries and positions. This is an ongoing process, therefore make sure to check this list constantly for the latest resume examples.

The resume examples that will be created have an increased variety, from basic resume examples to creative resume examples.

We will try to cover as many industries as possible, and for this we will need your help as well, therefore please feel free to write us suggestions at contact@novoresume.com if you do not find an example for your Job Position and we will do our best to create one.

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Example of a Good Resume Format

A good resume format needs to include the following information:

  • Contact information - your phone number, professional email address and location + professional social media links such as Quora, LinkedIn, GitHub, etc.
  • Professional Summary - this can be seen as an “elevator pitch” or “sales pitch” that you are ready to tell anytime you run into a potential hiring manager or networking contact. It should combine your biggest achievements and skills.
  • Professional Title - ideally, the professional title will be the same as the one advertised in the job opening.
  • Work Experience Section (for Intermediate & Seniors) - including the position, name of the company, period and listing your previous achievements in that role.
  • Education (crucial for Students & Graduates)
  • Skills - include the relevant skills for the position you are applying for. You can divide them by General Skills, Technical Skills and Soft Skills.

As you can see in the following resume example, all the information that was mentioned above is included, together with extra information as well.

When a recruiter is reviewing someone’s resume, it will take on average 6-7 seconds until the initial decision “fit/not fit.”

Get inspired by the following resume examples created with the help of recruiters, and you will make those seconds work in your favor, and your application will land into the “fit” category.

Job Resume Examples and Guides

Example of a Resume

Now that you know how a good resume should look like, you can use our resume builder, choose one of the free resume templates and increase the chances of getting your dream job!