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As it can be seen below in the professional CV examples that our team has prepared for you as inspiration in collaboration with HR experts, the main focus should be on your Areas of Expertise and the most important accomplishments from your previous jobs that are relevant to the new position you are applying to.

Depending on the company or industry you are applying to, you can personalize the CV to fit with the company’s culture, but the use of infographic styles is not recommended at this level.

General Sales Manager CV Example

General Sales Manager

As a General Sales Manager, your experience might be across various industries, with the main experience being in charge of selling the company’s services or products.

The focus on your CV should be on your achievements obtained during your work at the previous companies and your impact in recruiting, training and improving the sales team, attracting new customers and setting realistic sales targets.

Across the CV it is important to emphasize and describe your sales experience, analytical thinking, your networking skills and leadership abilities.

Hospitality Industry CV Example

Hospitality Industry

As a Senior Hotel Manager, you have probably traveled all over the world and have an extensive amount of valuable information to include in your CV.

It is recommended to focus on the work experience and skills you developed in the last 10 years and craft your CV for the specific job you are applying at the moment.

You will need to focus your application on how were you managing employees and conducted different activities such as planning, marketing, coordinating and administering hotel services, catering and much more.

Business Developer CV Example

Business Developer

The following example of a Business Development Executive CV example can help you create yourself an application that will guarantee you many interviews.

When you are creating your application you need to focus on your expertise, most important developed skills and how you developed them, you should also write about prior negotiations and successfully established business relationships.

Furthermore, it is highly important to show how you left your print on the companies you have worked before by giving examples of how you defined long-term strategic goals, helped the growth of the company by providing metrics and how you identified new business opportunities.

CTO CV Example


As a Chief Technology Officer, you have experience at the executive level of any organization and were responsible for the main technological issues the company/companies were facing.

Your primary tasks and the ones you should focus on is your collaboration with the other executives from the management team such as the CIO, CEO and COO and your most important achievements within the company.

Another area that needs to be explained properly is the Areas of Expertise that you have, which should include technical skills, managerial skills, leadership abilities, communication, and teamwork.

Senior Vice-President Finance CV Example

Senior Vice-President Finance

A Senior Vice-President of the Finance department, your previous responsibilities were probably within the financial planning, budgeting, implementing new accounting procedures and reporting to the CEO and the management team.

The essential Areas of Expertise that are crucial for this position that should be mentioned in your CV are accounting and financial advanced knowledge, analytical thinking, business knowledge, strategic thinking, mathematics, leadership, communication and teamwork.

Most of the times the ideal candidates for this position hold a Master's Degree in Finance, Economics, Accounting or Business Administration.

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