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It is well known that the Cover Letter is one of the most important business documents that make a difference between you getting your dream job or not. Therefore our team decided to create some professional Cover Letters examples in case you do not know where to start.

Bear in mind that it is essential to create some parallels between your accomplishments/skills, the hiring company and what the new job requires. For example, if the company is looking for a Sales Manager to increase their sales in a new country, you can explain how it took you only 3 months to double the sales in 3 different countries at your previous job.

Nurse Leader Cover Letter Example

Nurse Leader

You can use this example as inspiration for creating a Cover Letter for a Nurse position that will make your application stand out from the competition.

The main emphasize should be on your professional education that you completed and all the extra courses or certification, especially if you do not have a lot of work experience.

If you already have work experience, it is important to mention all your previous achievements and how you contributed to the previous institutions.

Software Developer Cover Letter Example

Software Developer

It is possible that for a Software Developer, writing a Cover Letter might seem harder at the beginning than writing out some thousands of lines of codes, but you can use our example as a starting point and focus on creating new amazing software.

It is important to point out your team-working abilities, what keeps you motivated and the main skills and competencies you have developed at the moment, and also the ones you would be interested in learning more about in the future.

Remember to mention about both your professional education but also extracurricular projects that you developed in order to make the world a better place.

Bar Manager Cover Letter Example

Bar Manager

As a Bar Manager, you should emphasize the qualities and responsibilities you took for ensuring a good quality of the services so that the customers would keep coming to the same bar and keep on buying beverages.

Whatever the place (from pubs to high-end luxury bars) the core duties related to the bar manager position are in most of the case's standard.

Having a professional education in the Service, Hospitality or Tourism industry, as well as professional courses would increase drastically your chances of getting hired at the most prestigious bars around the world.

Business Development Manager Cover Letter Example

Business Development Manager

As a Business Development Manager, you want to describe in your Cover Letter your responsibilities for securing new business deals and discovering new opportunities.

Based on an analysis of multiple job ads for a Business Developers, the most sought skills and achievements that should be mentioned are the following: organizational skills and competencies, problem-solving skills, strong communication and interpersonal skills, presentation and public speaking, negotiation abilities, business knowledge and commercial awareness.

Digital Marketing Manager Cover Letter Example

Digital Marketing Manager

As a Digital Marketing Manager, it is critical to describe how you oversaw different internet marketing campaigns from the program management process to the campaign's execution.

Remember to highlight the buzzwords and skills that are needed in the job you are applying for, based on the job ad.

It is important to describe exactly how you “fit” in the new job opening and how your previous achievement and skills will be a big plus for the new company.

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