Job Interview Preparation - "Why Should We Choose You?"

2017 July 14
2 min read

Why Should We Choose You?

One of the questions that make us block at the interviews is “What makes you special than the other candidates?” It is known that everyone is unique, but for the fact that we find it hard to auto-evaluate in general, we might find it hard to realize what makes us different than the other candidates.

In order to come up with a smart answer for this question, we need to know what NOT to answer in this particular case. Here the word “special” doesn’t mean that the employer wants to find out that you can whistle with your fingers or that you can recognize songs just after hearing a few notes.

An answer that is too personal will make you more interesting than other candidates, but won’t help you to stay on their shortlist.

Try to think about the things that make you valuable for the position and the company that you applied to. Try not to be modest and list all the skills that will make you valuable for the position that has to be filled.

If you cannot think of anything that makes you “special,” here are three possible answers that you give when being asked this question at an interview.

1. Having Different Experience

I think the bachelor X (name your education field and the name of the university) combined with my experience as a Y (job/volunteer position that you had), offered me until now an advantage when trying to solve the problem Z (try to think of a problem that the department you are applying to might encounter at some point).

2. Having a Different Background

My professional background is a little different than that of others in this industry, what gives me the ability to have an original perspective and see innovative solutions to the problems that might appear. For example, when we encounter problem X at my last workplace, I found solution Y which worked perfectly and was different than the others.” (If possible try to add numbers and statistics to give credibility to your answer, but remember not to lie because they will find out sooner or later).

3. Having Different Skills and Personality

If it is listed in the job description that soft skills such as communication, diplomacy, team-spirit are important, you may answer something like:

I have the ability to communicate efficiently with every type of person and treat them customers in a diplomatic manner.