21st Century Job Skills to Include In Your Resume

2017 July 14
1 min read

The job hunting process has changed a lot in the past few years. Companies now rely on a strong HR team to select the best candidates. More and more of these recruiters are coming up with tricky questionnaires and tasks which reveal various qualities of their employees-to-be.

Despite the adjustments to the hiring process, CVs are still in the game and as important as ever. Your CV is your first impression, so you might as well make it good. Whether you’re using a CV template or create your CV from scratch, make sure you include your strongest skills and qualifications to improve your chances of getting hired.

Increased work flexibility, climate change, and consumer ethics and privacy issues, as well as rapid urbanization, are only a few of the technological and socio-economic drivers of change.

But change often mean opportunities, so we encourage you to face it head-on by adjusting your personal skills and abilities to contemporary requirements. Including these skills in your CV is one of your first steps towards career success.

The modern job market has formed according to our behavior and needs: just as physical labor is rapidly being replaced by a computer or technical skills. Find out which 21st-century job skills can improve your CV by checking out the infographic below.

Source: http://www.market-inspector.co.uk/blog/2017/06/job-skills-to-improve-your-resume