155+ Weirdest Job Titles in 2024 [As Found on the Internet]

27 December 2023
4 min read
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You’ve probably come across some of the most traditional job titles at one time or another. 

You know…Chief Operating Officer, Marketing Manager, Business Owner, Software Developer, and the sorts.

But how about some of the weirdest job titles out there? 

And when we say weird, we mean “even-recruiters-are-smiling-at-these” weird. 

People can get pretty imaginative when they’re describing their job titles, so we thought we’d list some of the weirdest job titles found on the internet!

#1. Weirdest Job Titles in IT 


If you ever thought IT was all about numbers and science, the wordplay in these IT titles is bound to prove you wrong: 

  1. Technical Evangelist, a person responsible for hyping up specific technologies and/or brands
  2. Scrum Master, Scrum development team member
  3. Director of Spam Reception, meaning Spam Data Engineer
  4. Chief Power Plugs & Patches Officer, another word for Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  5. Chief Geek, also CTO
  6. Computational Wizard, Informational Technology (IT) professional
  7. Director, Ethical Hacking (White Hat Hacker), as seen at Predictive Systems, Inc.
  8. Dr. Fix, someone working at an IT Helpdesk
  9. Electromagnetic Wrangler Extraordinaire, for IT professional
  10. Emperor of Bit-Land, for CTO
  11. Head Unicorn Wrangler, for CTO
  12. Interwebs Mechanic, a weird title for Webmaster
  13. King of Signals, used by someone in General IT
  14. Logic Gate, aka Operator
  15. Lord of All Things Technical, CTO
  16. Mass Bit Manipulator, IT Manager
  17. Mr. Computer, which was spotted at an IT Helpdesk employee
  18. Paranoid-in-Chief, Chief Information Security Officer at Yahoo
paranoid in chief novoresume 2

19. Professional Technology Manipulator, IT Manager

20. Security Princess, Google’s Director of Engineering


21. Señor System Administrator, System Administrator

22. Software Ninjaneer, Software Engineer

23. Tech Monkey, Tech Support Analyst 

24. Techno-Bull, General IT

25. Wiz Kid, Webmaster

#2. Weirdest Job Titles for Social/Digital Media

  1. Social Media Trailblaze, for Digital Marketing Executives
  2. Digital Dynamo, Digital Marketing Executive
  3. Conversation Architect, Digital Marketing Manager
  4. New Media Guru, Digital Marketing Manager
  5. Digital Sorcery/Sorceress, for Social Media Manager
  6. Dynamic Social Integrator, for Social Media Specialist
  7. Social Inventor, Social Media Manager
  8. Social Mediaholic, for Social Media Coordinator
  9. Community Wizard, for Community Manager)
  10. Conversation Manager, for Social Media Specialist
  11. Digital Overlord, for Web Site Manager
  12. Digital Prophet, for Market Researcher
  13. Social Media Engager, for Community Manager
  14. Social Media Sith Lord, for Social Media Manager
  15. Social Media Composer, for Social Media Specialist
  16. Social Sensei, for Social Media Manager
  17. Social Solutionist, for Social Media Specialist
  18. Social Visionary, for Social Media Executive
  19. Tweeter, for Twitter Manager
  20. Head of PR and Other Fun Stuff, for PR Director

#3. Weirdest Executive Job Titles

chief troublemaker novoresume-2
  1. Dream Alchemist, or Head of Creative 
  2. Chief Digital Evangelist, Chief Digital Officer (CD) as used by Salesforce's Vala Afshar
  3. Chief Cheerleader, or Chief Executive Officer, as used by Mid America Motorworks
  4. Chief Ego Operator, for any executive position. 
  5. Chief Future Officer or Chief Futurist, a creative way of describing an executive who guides the company’s future. 
  6. Bootylicious Boss, or CEO
  7. Boss Lady, or CEO
  8. Chief Amazement Officer, for Founder, used by Shephard Presentations, LLC
  9. Head Cheese, for CEO
  10. Head Honcho, for CEO
  11. Chief Guru, any executive
  12. Chief Happiness Officer, 72 LinkedIn companies, including Google, have a Chief Happiness Officer
  13. Chief Happiness Slayer, for any executive
  14. Chief Heart Officer, for HR executive
  15. Chief Listener, for CEO
  16. Chief Ninja, for CEO 
  17. Chief Pillow Officer as used by the CEO of Pillowpacker Inflatable Travel Pillows
  18. Chief PlayMonster as used by the CEO of PlayMonster LLC
  19. Chief Play Officer, the chief of testing toys at ToysRus
  20. Chief Troublemaker as used by the CEO of Matrix Group
  21. Dr. No, or Chief Finance Officer (CFO) 
  22. Head of Out of Touch, for any executive
  23. Master of Coin, as used by Tesla’s CFO Zack Kirkhorn
  24. President and TeaEO, the CEO of Honest Tea
  25. Technoking of Tesla, as used by Tesla’s co-founder and CEO Elon Musk
  26. Chief Inspiration Officer, or Head of Operations
  27. Chief Rockstar or Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  28. Chief of Other Stuff No One Wants to Take Care Of or COO
  29. Chief Obedience Officer or COO
  30. Culture Operations Manager or HR Officer
  31. People Operations Generalist, Operations Manager, as used by JUUL Labs

#4. Weirdest Job Titles in Management 

  1. Direct Mail Demi-God, for Direct Mail Manager
  2. Part-time Czar, for Assistant Manager
  3. Accounting Manager, for Financial Manager
  4. Director of First Impressions, for Office Manager
  5. Herder of Helpless People, for Office Manager
  6. Manager of Codependence, for Assistant Manager
  7. Captain Under-Appreciated, for Office Manager
  8. Master of Disaster, for Crisis Manager
  9. Mass Bit Manipulator, for IT Manager
  10. Chief Chatter, or Call Centre Manager
  11. Meeting Getter, for Business Development Manager
  12. Money Maestro, for Accounting Manager
  13. Professional Technology Manipulator, for IT Manager
  14. Toilet Paper Messiah, for Office Manager
  15. Vibe Manager, for Administrative Assistant

#5. Weirdest Job Titles in Software Development

  1. Code Monkey, Software Developer
  2. The Lonely Coder, Code Developer
  3. Brogrammer, or a masculine Software Developer
  4. Codeling, Software Developer
  5. Full Stack Magician, Full Stack Developer
  6. Full Stack Pancake, Full Stack Developer
  7. Guru, or Developer
  8. Hacker, or General Developer
  9. Kick-Ass Developer, or Developer
  10. Lead Code Wizard, or Lead Developer
  11. Ninja, for Developer
  12. Random Engineer - Quora’s Software Developer used this
  13. Rockstar, or Developer
  14. Ruby on Rails SCAP (Super Crazy Awesome Programmer), a Ruby on Rails Developer
  15. Software Ninjaneer, or Software Developer

#6. Weirdest Job Titles in HR 

  1. Champion of Office Happiness, for HR Director
  2. Chief Happiness Officer, for Head of HR
  3. Chief Heart Officer, or HR Manager
  4. Chief People Pleaser, Head of HR)
  5. Culture & Geek Resource Manager, or HR Manager
  6. Director of Attracting Talent, or Director of Talent Acquisition
  7. People Champion, for the Head of HR 
  8. Rockstar Recruiter, a creative way of saying a Recruiter
  9. Senior VP of People Operations, for Head of HR, as coined by Laszlo Bock 
  10. Vibe Manager & Head of all things Awesome, for Head of HR 

#7. Weirdest Job Titles in Customer Service

  1. Geek Squad Agent is how Best Buy calls its Customer Service Agents
  2. Genius (Customer Service Person), Apple’s description of Customer Service Assistants
  3. Happiness Hero, or Customer Service Representatives at Buffer
  4. Head of Customer Wow, or Head of Customer Service
  5. People Partner, or Head of Customer Service
  6. Actions and Repercussions Adviser, or Customer Service Manager
  7. Multifunctional Assistant, or Customer Service Assistant 

#8. Weirdest Job Titles in Sales

  1. Galactic Travel Agent, or Travel Agent for the world’s first space tourism business
  2. Cast Member, or Retail Sales Associate for Sephora
  3. Guide, a Retail Sales Associate for Origins
  4. Head of “Show me the Money!”, aka Sales Rep
  5. Lead Door Knocker, or Outbound Sales Rep
  6. Master Handshaker, or Sales Rep
  7. Muse, or Retail Sales Associate for Kate Spade
  8. Rainmaker, for someone working in Sales
  9. Sales Rockstar, or Sales Representative
  10. VP of ABC (“Always Be Closing”) or VP of Sales Team

#9. Weirdest Job Titles in Marketing

  1. Wizard of Light Bulb Moments, for Marketing Director
  2. Ambassador of Buzz, for Corporate Communications Associate
  3. Aspiring Novelist, for Copywriter/Copy Editor
  4. Colon Lover, for Copywriter
  5. Conversion Optimization Wrangler, for Marketing Analyst
  6. Copy Cruncher, for Copywriter
  7. Digital Dynamo, for Digital Marketing Executive
  8. Direct Marketing Demi-God, for Direct Marketing Account Manager
  9. Director of Fun, for Director of Marketing
  10. Director of Storytelling, Copywriter, or Marketing Director
  11. Editor Extraordinaire, Copywriter, or Copy Editor
  12. Grammar Fascist, for Copywriter/Editor
  13. Head of Growth, or Head of Customer Acquisition
  14. Marketing Rockstar, anyone in a General Marketing Position
  15. Oxford Comma Destroyer, for Copywriter or Copy Editor
  16. Punctuation Prodigy, for Copywriter or Copy Editor
  17. Rockstar Copywriter, for Copywriter
  18. Brand Warrior, for Brand Manager

#10. Weirdest Job Titles in Design

  1. Head of Quietly Judging, or Graphic Designer
  2. King of Sneakers, aka the Artist and Owner of King of Sneakers Footwear
  3. Arts and Crafts Designer, for Designer
  4. Clue Shredder, for Lead Game Designer
  5. Comic Sans Annihilator, for Graphic Designer
  6. Connoisseur of Pantone, for Graphic Designer
  7. Director of Kerning, for Graphic Designer