Advantages & Disadvantages For Using a Résumé Builder

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Before delving into the examining the advantages and disadvantages between an online résumé builder vs. doing it yourself from zero, we first need to understand what exactly is a résumé: 

What is a Résumé? 

A résumé is a short document (most of the recruiters recommend limiting it to one page only) that summarizes your relevant professional experience, skills, and education that you need to prepare when applying for a job. 

You can also view the résumé as a marketing document. The résumé will introduce you to the potential employer, and you want to make a good first impression. 

Its purpose is to advertise YOU and explain what value they will get by hiring you and how their problems (from the job ad) will be solved.  

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The Résumé should not be confused with a CV. We have prepared an extensive guide highlighting the differences between a cv and a résumé and when to use which.

Now that you know precisely what a résumé is let’s see what the best ways of creating one are. 

A classic approach is to do it yourself by using Microsoft Word, which gives you 100% control over the document. If you are a graphic designer or have the skills to use Adobe Illustrator, you can create it there as well. 

The alternative is to use an online résumé builder

What Is a Résumé Builder? 

A résumé builder is a web application that provides you with résumé templates that can be easily personalized and adjust according to your needs, instead of starting everything from a blank white paper. 

There are lots of résumé builders available, ranging from free résumé builders to premium ones. When choosing which one to use, make sure it is up to date with the latest trends and recruitment principles so you will not end creating an outdated résumé.  

Should I Use a Résumé Builder? 

Using a résumé builder will save you valuable time and money when searching for a job. Why? 

Because you do not have to invest the time in researching what the main sections are, you should include in your résumé, how to structure the content, finding suitable fonts and colors, what are the trends in the recruitment industry, etc. 

All these activities that you need to do actually before starting to write anything take all the fun and excitement out of creating your résumé. 

Using a résumé builder take all those minor details away, and you will have time to focus on the essential part of your résumé: the content. 

Advantages and Disadvantages Of a Résumé Builder 

Like with all the products and services available online, there are different advantages and disadvantages when choosing to use a résumé builder.


  • Do not require you to have design skills
  • Save time and money
  • No need to purchase extra software
  • Professional tips and examples
  • Helps you focus on the content 
  • Professional and tested layouts
  • Your information is saved online


  • Some builders might have limited customization features
  • Cannot choose your own font
  • Not having 100% control over the template
  • Some of them might be hard to use 

Using a résumé builder is recommended for everyone that lacks the time and design skills to create a professional résumé from zero.

Doing it by yourself is mostly recommended in the creative industries such as Graphic Design where you already need to showcase your skills by creating an original résumé.

In case you would like to spend the valuable time and money and start applying for jobs right away, you can easily create or update your résumé now.

Novorésumé’s Free Résumé Builder

We understand that searching for a new job is a not an enjoyable process, therefore we strive to make the résumé writing process as simple and fun as possible, so you can have more time and energy to focus actually on finding your dream job. 

Our team continually researches with recruiters and employers from all around the world to make sure the templates can be easily customized to all positions and industries available. 

The creation of a one-page résumé using the basic features can be used for free and provides you all the necessary features you need for creating a modern résumé to skyrocket your career. 

Remember that the résumé is an ever-changing and ever-growing live document that you will need to adapt continuously while advancing in your career. All your information is securely stored on Novorésumé into your account, and your data is not shared with any 3rd party. You can quickly update and download your résumé at any time. 

Writing a résumé is an art of balancing the content with the design.

The design of our templates varies so you can find one to match the industry you are applying for: from conservative industries such as law and banking to young and creative startups. Our content optimizer and professional tips will also help you improve your content as well so you can stand out from other job seekers. 

Try now the free résumé builder to update your job application and start applying for your dream job right away! 

Andrei KurtuyCo-founder & CMO

Andrei is one of the 3 co-founders of Novorésumé and responsible for Communication, Research, and Marketing. Born an idealist and optimist, he believes we should always try to search for change and make everything around us more effective and simple. In his free time, he loves running, reading and drinking coffee.

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