99+ Stores That Give Student Discounts in 2024

1 February
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If this was a make-a-student-happy day, mentioning all the stores that give student discounts would probably bring a smile to your face.

Obtaining a degree and making ends meet can be tough out there. Tuition rates are unapologetic, loans won’t go anywhere before you land a steady job, and student life is not getting any cheaper. 

The good news is that most retail store owners were students once, which means they sympathize with your hardships and offer good student discounts through their stores. 

Below we’ve compiled a list of 100 stores that provide student discounts in 2024, from clothing stores to food and dining establishments - so dive right in! 

30 Clothing Stores That Give Student Discounts 

Whether you’re prepping for the new school year or updating your wardrobe for your professional internship, there’s plenty of clothing stores that offer student discounts in 2024. 

Before we start listing the best apparel stores providing student discounts, let us remind you to always keep your student ID with you, as the majority of stores will require that you prove you’re a student either through your physical ID or online verification. 

And so without further ado, let’s look at the best apparel store discounts for students. 

#1: Aeropostale 

Leader in cool clothes and accessories for young men and women, Aeropostale offers 15% off any order for students. 

#2: ASOS 

Both a trader of its own brand and of the most famous names in men’s and women’s fashion, ASOS provides 10% off any order for students. 

#3: Banana Republic

Banana Republic has it all - from high-quality, all-American weekend and work style clothes for men and women, all the way up to 15% off any order for students. 

#4: Club Monaco 

Modern luxury at affordable prices - yeap, that pretty much sums it up for Club Monaco, which is another store that gives students discounts of 15% off full-price and in-sale merchandise in stores and online.

#5: Champion 

Mainly an athletic apparel store, Champion offers a 20% discount for orders made by verified college students.

#6: Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins is not just famous for Dorothy's signature dresses, but also for blouses, skirts, pant bottoms, and shoe accessories. You can get 25% off + an extra 10% off with this offer.

#7: Dockers

As a student, you gain 25% off any Dockers’ order. Dockers designs shirts, outerwear, and accessories for guys and girls alike. 

#8: Levi’s 

Famous classic denim retailer Levi’s gives 25% off any order for students. A good way to keep money in your pocket.

#9: Joe’s Jeans 

If you prefer a casual style accompanied with premium quality - then Joe’s Jeans is your place to shop. The clothing retailer gives students a discount of 15% off any order.

#10: J. Crew 

The J.Crew apparel could easily be the poster child for a brand that combines comfort and sophistication. Students get 15% off.

#11: Hanes

Hanes is an underwear apparel that combines comfort, style, and reasonable cost - pretty much all the components that good underwear needs. Students get 10% off from ordering online. 

#12: Helly Hansen 

Helly Hansen is a brand for the hardcore adventurers out there - its gear is worn and trusted by professionals across the world. For students, it offers 10% off any product, through Student Beans. 

#13: Just My Size

Just My Size is best known for selling full-figured bras and swimwear, but the apparel shop also offers great deals on wardrobe basics. It’s another great store that gives students a 10% discount

#14: Madewell 

Since 1937, Madewell has been a favorite apparel shop for women’s denim, shoes, accessories, and so on. The shop gives students 15% if they have a valid ID. 

#15: Medelita 

Here’s one for the science lovers (or majors): Medelita offers 20% off student orders for lab coats and scrubs.

#16: ModCloth 

This is a US apparel shop that offers plenty of indie and vintage-inspired women’s clothes - from dresses to swimwear. Modcloth gives 25% off any order.

#17: Nasty Gal

Don’t judge an apparel shop by its name - Nasty Gal sells clothes and accessories for independent young women - and it gives a student discount of up to 90%.

#18: Natori

15% off any student orders, plus free shipping - that’s what unconventional designer Josie Natori offers potential student buyers out there.  

#19: One Hanes Place 

At One Hanes Place, you can find the latest lingerie, shapewear, and other types of intimates designed by brands like Bali, Maidenform, Playtex, Hanes, and L'eggs. Student customers get 10% off. 

#20: Outdoor Voices

And here’s one for the athletic, out-doors types: Outdoor Voices offers students 20% off with valid student IDs for fitness apparel. 

#21: PrettyLittleThing 

This apparel store has managed to keep up with trends with its ever-changing collection of women’s clothing. It’s also quite on point to give 15% off any order for students.

#22: Princess Polly  

It’s not just about looking like a 21st-century princess - Princess Polly is an earth-friendly apparel shop that cares for ethical sourcing and sustainable products. It also happens to offer 10% off any order for students. 

#23: PUMA

Puma is one of the best-known athletic apparel shops out there that also happens to give 10% off any order for students on items such as back-to-school gear, sportswear for a day out with friends, or even a night out.

#24: Raging Bull  

Into rugby or on a rugby scholarship? Raging Bull is for you, as it offers heritage derby clothes with a 15% discount for student orders.

#25: TBDress 

And now for those fancy student events, keep in mind that TBDress is a store that gives students a discount of 15% off for any order, starting from their budget fashion dresses all the way to their more casual options.

#26: The North Face

The North Face is a favorite among youths and students worldwide, due to its innovative and practical tents, clothes, hiking shoes, and other outdoor gear. Students gain 10% off any order, as well as free shipping. 

#27: Tommy Hilfiger

The Tommy Hilfiger brand doesn’t really need an introduction - just a verbal note reminding students that they can get the apparel’s name and quality with 10% off any order. 

#28: Karen Kane 

If bright colors and prints on dresses, sweaters, jeans, tops, and jackets, Karen Kane is your brand. The offer? 20% off any order for students.

#29: White Fox Boutique 

This apparel boutique’s entire line of unusual and eye-catching women’s fashion gives 10% off any order for students

#30: Vineyard Vines 

Founded in 1998 on Martha’s Vineyard, Vineyard Vines sells high-end products like ties, hats, belts, shirts, and many more, with a preppy, nautical vibe to them that fits right into college classrooms. As a student, you can enjoy 15% off everything, after you verify your student status. 

10 Food and Dining Establishments That Give Student Discounts 

At some point or another, almost every student has chosen to eat sleep for dinner and save up the money for other purposes. Student life ain’t the easiest one. 

Well, food and dining establishments hear you - and some of them want to help you. Below are some restaurants and other dining establishments offering student discounts. In some cases, the discount codes are offered through online discount programs like UNiDAYS and Student Beans, so hurry up and register, if you haven’t yet. 

#31: Baskin Robbins 

Show off your good cradles through your report card and get a free scoop of ice cream at Baskin Robbins as a reward. Not bad, huh? 

#32: Domino’s Pizza 

Now here’s a fast-food chain that’s very hard to say no to. Especially when you find out that Domino’s offers a 35% student discount when you spend £25 with Student Beans ID. 

#33: Chick-Fil-A 

Chicken? Yes, please. Make it free and it gets even better. Chick-Fil-A gives students with A and B report cards free eight-pack nuggets or ice cream.

#34: Grubhub

A food delivery service, Grubhub members and student memberships of select universities get free delivery on orders over $12.

#35: Home Chef 

Another meal-kit delivery service, Home Chef gives students 55% off the first meal-kit through Student Beans - the choices are fresh, healthy and chef-designed.

#36: Illy Caffe 

Ah, coffee! The one thing college students would directly inject into their bloodstream if possible to survive midterms and finals. Illy Caffe - the coffee retailer - offers students 25% off with Student Beans.

#37: Jason’s Deli 

The restaurant Jason’s Deli takes care of the youngest generation out there, offering free food to kids and students up to 12 years old. 

#38: Waffle House

You probably know Waffle House for its famous breakfast waffles - but did you also know it gives 10% off student orders at any participating locations? Just ask your local Waffle House if they have joined the discount offer.

#39: Wendy’s 

Wendy’s - mainly known for its burgers, although you can choose among other options too - offers students A or B report cards a free treat. 

11 Entertainment Stores and Venues That Give Student Discounts

And now for the fun part - out and about activities. And yes, we know that student life ain’t easy, financially speaking. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be a reason to spend your youth years without entertainment. 

Here are some venues and entertainment stores offering discounts that will help you stay within budget. 

#41: AMC Theatres 

AMC Theatres have more than 300 locations for the best and latest films and exclusive events - for which students can get discounted tickets!

#42: Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas Shows

As the Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas Shows & Attractions experience claims, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone in there! 

#43: Carnegie Hall

The world’s best artists perform there - and students are currently offered $10 off tickets!

#44: Cinemark 

Cinemark is a chain movie theater that serves fun and independent movies, as well as pre-recorded or live performances by the Metropolitan Opera. Student discount offers vary based on the participating locations. 

#45: Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum gives $2-3 off general admission tickets for college students with valid IDs. 

#46: Houston Ballet

The Houston Ballet will give you a night to remember - with student discounts available. 

#47: Houston Zoo 

You can get a close-up look of hundreds of animals at the Houston Zoo - for free. Yep, the zoo offers one free admission ticket per student per visit. 

#48: Lincoln Center 

The center offers some of the best performing arts and culture, while discounts (after you present a valid student ID) can vary. 

#49: Museum of Modern Art 

From van Gogh to Dali, Picasso, and Rousseau, MoMA has it all - and then some. It also offers free admission to students with valid IDs at select colleges. 

#50: New England Aquarium 

A trip to the New England Aquarium can be fun and educational at the same time. Students can learn and play as all adults get $2 off general admission with a valid ID. 

#51: The Met Store

After you visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, complete your tour with a visit to its famous gift shop “The MET Store.” They have many creative options to choose from and 15% off any order. 

7 Travel & Transportation Companies That Give Student Discounts

If there’s one thing students excel at, is finding cheap ways to travel and explore the world. It probably comes with the young sense of exploration and courage. 

Well, these travel and transportation student discounts will make your adventures even easier! 

#52: Budget Truck Rental 

Students receive 20% off local moves and 15% off one-way moves, any day of the week with Budget Truck Rental - keep a mental note; you never know when you might need a discounted truck to make your travels even easier. 

#53: E-Z Rent A Car

E-Z Rent A Car gives students 10% off for any car rental bookings. 

#54: Penske

Another excellent truck rental site, Penske gives students 10% off when they rent. It’s a good deal if you want to move your stuff from one place to another. 

#55: Sixt 

With over a century of experience in the international rental car industry, Sixt also gives students up to 5% off for any car rental.

#56: LNER 

The London North Eastern Railway provides the very best train travel experience and offers a 40% student discount for choosing it through UNiDAYS.

#57: Greyhound Australia

The famous bus line operates all the way to distant Australia and offers comfortable, hassle-free, and affordable coach services. Being Australia’s only national bus line, it also gives a 10% student discount.

#58: Contiki

Contiki holidays is a leader in youth travel, with tours for people aged 18 - 35 across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Latin America, North America, and Africa. For students, they give a 5% discount on all their tours!

7 Footwear and Accessories Stores That Give Student Discounts 

Footwear and the sorts are important - especially when you have to navigate your way across campus, or just to enjoy your days actively. Here are the discounts to keep an eye on.

#59: Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds has been making casual shoes, boots, golf shoes, and slippers for men since 1922. Students can get 15% off any order.

#60: ASICS 

Still haven’t found your perfect running sneakers? Check ASICS - it offers 20% off full-priced products for students. 

#61: Chaco 

A master at designing outdoor shoes meant for adventure, Chaco will give 10% off any order using ID.me for verification. 

#62: Converse 

Chuck Taylor - the designer of the famous Converse sneaker - offers students 15% off any order that they make.

#63: Douchebags 

Douchebags sell quality urban bags fit for any journey a student may take. The store also offers a 10% discount for any order. 

#64: Hunter boots 

The world-renowned, century-old boot brand Hunter Boots has all those rainy days covered. You can run around in their top-quality, waterproof rubber boots, outwear, and other accessories. And, students get 15% off any order!

#65: Nike

Athletic shoes, sportswear, gear, accessories - you name it. Nike has everything a sports lover could wish for. And 10% off any order for students. 

14 Electronics Stores and Software That Give Student Discounts

There are added costs to being a student today, as a big chunk of teaching and learning relies on technology. Technological tools required for students, however - such as laptops or different software - also happen to be the most costly. The following discounts could help you save a buck!

#66: Popsockets 

Popsockets makes holding and using your smartphone a childs’ play and offers a 15% student discount through Student Beans.  

#67: Adobe

Probably one of the most famous software out there - and especially among students - Adobe offers over 60% Adobe Creative Cloud. 

#68: Apple

Apple is the top choice for students when buying electronics. Apple offers special education pricing all year round, and during the back-to-school season you can get a free pair of AirPods or Beats headphones when buying a Mac.

#69: Autodesk 

Autodesk is a leading software creator for the fields of entertainment, architecture, and manufacturing industries. Students that want to use it get a free three-year license. 

#70: Caseable 

This tech gear store allows you to customize your electronic devices from design right down to the zipper - and with up to a 35% discount for any order.

#71: Corel 

Your inner artist is in for a treat with the Corel drawing, painting, and multimedia software, as it offers up to 96% off for student orders. 

#73: Dell

If you’re thinking about buying a Dell laptop, you should consider buying it from their own store. You can get a 10% discount if you buy it from their webpage!

#74: GoPro

The cameras and video-recording gear sold by GoPro are well-known for a reason. Their rugged products won’t break down on you halfway through. GoPro is currently giving 20% off their ‘HERO9 Black camera, plus a free SD card.

#75: HP

Students get exclusive discounts of up to 35% for HP’s newest electronics - from laptops to monitors and printers.

#76: Lenovo

Computers and accessories brand Lenovo offers students an extra 5% discount for any order. 

#77: Microsoft Store 

It’s doubtful there's an actual need to introduce Microsoft, so let’s just bring to attention that it offers students a free Office 365 subscription

#78: Rosetta Stone

The language, literacy, and brain-fitness software is discounted for students! Check it out if it’s up your alley.

#79: Skullcandy

Skullcandy makes stylish headphones, earbuds, and different types of tech gear and gives students 20% off any order.

21 Online Stores and Services That Give Student Discounts

We’ve saved the fun for last. Service and subscription discounts are perfect for interesting students who might not have the chance to afford them, but nonetheless need them in their daily lives. 

#80: Adorama

Adorama is a store that sells cameras, telescopes, binoculars, and underwater imaging gear with discounts for students who sign up for the Adorama Student Discounts.

#81: Amazon 

The online retailer Amazon has anything you can imagine, while the discount is that students get free Amazon Prime Student for six months, then, you only have to pay $6.49 a month.

#82: AT&T

The AT&T wireless provider offers a discount for international students, through their Signature Program. 

#83: Barron’s 

Barron’s is a financial magazine that offers discounted rates to students for a semester or annual subscription. 

#84: Codecademy

Codecademy is a curriculum that will help you learn to code. If that’s your thing, get Codecademy Pro Student Membership for an access to discounts of more than 35% off!

#85: Envato Elements

This service is perfect for the creative type. From video templates to audio and presentation templates, Envato gives students 30% off. 

#86: Evernote

Wanna stay productive and simplify all the little tasks that clutter your day? With Evernote, you can - with 50% off the premium plan for one year, too! 

#87: FedEx

Mortified by the crazy-high rates of shipping different things statewide? FedEx thinks about students and offers a 20%-30% discount if you join the Student Discount Club.

#88: IDrive

This cloud storage service offers plans with a 50% discount for students

#89: Localphone

Haven’t heard from friends from overseas? Well, pick your favorite because this international call service lets students get double credit on their first top-up!

#90: Samsung

Samsung products vary from smartphones, tablets, TVs, and many other home appliances. The tech giant offers 10% off for students!

#91: Hulu 

So much to watch, so much time to spend procrastinating...jokes aside, this great show-streaming online service offers students an ad-supported plan for just $1.99/month (as opposed to the normal $5.99 rate). Additionally, Hulu has a 65% discount valid as long as you're a college student.

#92: MLB.TV

For all sports fans out there, MLB.TV - mainly streaming online baseball games - offers 35% off for students through ID.ME during checkout. 

#93: Tello 

This wireless service provider gives students phone plans starting at $5 a month

#94: The Economist

One of the biggest names in the journalism field, The Economist gives students 50% off the first 12 weeks and up to 20% discounts afterward. 

#95: The New York Times

Probably a great asset for a student of every field and major, the world-renowned newspaper gives students the opportunity to get a basic subscription for only $2 every 4 weeks

#96: The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal is another major newspaper that gives students unlimited access to their website, and a bunch of other perks!

#97: Verizon

You don’t just get unlimited wireless service wherever you roam with Verizon, but can also shop for a new phone or tablet. The wireless provider offers up to a $25 monthly discount for unlimited plans. 

#98: The Washington Post

Tired of clicking on articles only to stay locked out without a subscription? The Washington Post gives students unlimited access for $1 a month

 #99: Xfinity Residential

Get fast Wi-Fi for school and up to a $100 Visa Prepaid Card with internet provider Xfinity

#100: Spotify

Don’t think anyone would say no to a good music-streaming service deal. Spotify offers one free month of Spotify Premium, Hulu, and Showtime. And the bundle will set you back only $4.99/month after the trial.


And just like that, you now have a list of 100 stores that offer students discounts and will definitely come to your financial aid. 

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