25+ Creative Resume Designs to Inspire You [Updated 2024]

11 April
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25+ Creative Resume Designs to Inspire You [Updated 2024]

On average, a recruiter looks at a resume for just around 7 seconds

Yep, 7 seconds is all it takes for them to decide if they’re going to reject the resume and never look at it again, or give it a deeper look.

So, what does this mean for you?

This means that your resume should be well-designed to grab their attention, and easy to skim to make sure that the recruiter finds the information they’re looking for ASAP.

And in this article, we’ll teach you how, exactly, you can achieve that with 51+ inspirational resume designs!

Let’s give them a look!

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#1. Start Bold

resume design

Your resume header is the first thing that a recruiter looks at during those 7 seconds of skimming, so it’s important that you have a header that pops. You can do that by using a color that contrasts with the rest of the resume, like in the design above. You can get this template over here.

#2. The “Less Is More” Resume Design

resume design less is more

If you stand by “less is more”, then a clean, sharp-looking, minimalist resume template is what you’re looking for. This puts more focus on the information written on the resume with some minimal color use. If you’d like to use this design, you can find the template here

#3. Use Columns to Separate and Organize

resume designs

Creating a simple, organized, and pleasant-to-look-at resume can be as easy as that. Split your sections into separate columns, emphasize the section titles or any important detail, and you’re good to go. The design above has two columns for a professional, organized, and minimalistic look. You can find the template for this design over here. 

#4. No Distractions

simple resume design

For some positions and companies, a colorful and engaging resume isn’t considered appropriate. In that case, you should go for a simple, text-based resume that focuses on the information presented. You can experiment with the fonts and the resume layout but still maintain a rather traditional and professional look. You can get this template here.

#5. Use a Resume Builder

resume design examples

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#6. Be Contrasting 

resume design 6

Whether it’s between the header and the body of the resume, or between the skills section and the rest, creating contrast in your resume can be a good move. Stevani Wilhemmsons chose dark gray and mustard to create this interesting color block scheme. It’s attention-grabbing but has an overall minimalist feel to it. 

#7. Add Some 3D Elements

resume design 7

The smallest details, like shadows, can make your resume come to life. This will give it a playful edge and will make the specific elements stand out. Literally. The design above adds a new dimension to the resume sections by making them look folded. 

#8. Matching Color Palette 

resume design 8

Using coordinated colors for your resume gives it a playful but still organized look. Depending on the scheme you use, you can up or lower the “drama” level. You can go for a minimalistic look and use pastel colors, or make your resume pop with some purple and pink tones just like Sneha Sur Roy did. 

#9. Give a Different Perspective 

resume design 9

How about switching things up and presenting your resume in landscape orientation? Now that’s surely something that will leave an impression. It will also allow you to experiment more with the way you present the information and how you divide sections. Check out this refreshing horizontal design by Derya Dilara Dogan

#10. Preview Your Work

resume design 10

If you’re in the design, illustration, or photography industry, you can turn your resume into part of your art and incorporate some of your work. Stefany Puche, a designer from Argentine, decided to showcase one of her illustrations into her resume. Can’t get more unique than that!

#11. Fold It Up

resume design 11

A folded resume will surely leave an impression on whoever gets to open it. Check out this awesome folding design by Artalic Graphics. Going through your resume turns into a visual experience. 

#12. Timeline

12 resume design

Want to show off your career journey in a chronological timeline? This resume design can help! You can see in the example above by Sarah Attia how easy it is to follow and go over her education and work experience information. 

#13. Illustrate Information

resume design 13

An interesting detail to add to your resume is illustrations. Accompanying your skills with some illustrated icons can add some life to even the most boring of resumes. It also allows you to play with some other elements other than colors and shapes. This resume by Edgielyn Ventura uses illustrations to accompany the list of services that the applicant can offer. 

Pro Tip

Only use illustrations on your resume if you’re applying to a company that doesn’t use an applicant tracking system (ATS). Otherwise, the ATS won’t be able to read your resume, and automatically discard it.

Want to make sure that your resume is ATS-friendly? Use one of our resume templates

All our templates are compatible with the most popular applicant tracking systems on the market.

#14. Signature Detail 

resume design 14

Your own logo, stamp, personalized font, or even tagline is the perfect detail for a pastel-colored unique resume design. The bonus with this detail is that you can turn it into your own “brand” and use it in other places like letters and business cards as well. In the example above, the applicant used a simple logo to customize the resume. 

#15. Dark Background, Light Text

resume design 15

Instead of the classic light background and dark text, you can switch it up and do the opposite. The design above uses a dark gray background with a contrasting mint text. Remember to use a subtle dark color for the background and a readable one for the text, so that the combination isn’t too hard on the eyes. 

#16. Color-block Sections

resume design 16

Creating separate sections for different pieces of information in your resume creates a very structured and easy-to-navigate look. You can do so by using different blocks of color or by framing the sections with borders. The example above uses a black background with contrasting pastel-colored grids to organize the information in the resume. 

#17. Experiment With the Shape

resume design 17

This is quite a risky move since not all recruiters appreciate it, but if it’s in the right hands, it leaves quite the impression. Having a round or triangular resume is sure going to make you stand out. You need to make sure, however, that the text is readable and the design is not overwhelming. You don’t want the interviewer to struggle with going through it. This resume by John Mujica has a unique round layout, large capital-letter font, and subtle colors.  

Pro Tip:

We only recommend using such a creative resume template if you’re applying for a position in the creative industry, where they’ll appreciate the novelty.

#18. Fonts Can Make a Difference

resume design 18

Check out the example above by Corinne Garcia for the nice use of fonts.

#19. Mobile-friendly Resume Design 

resume design 19

If you have your resume linked online (on your website or platforms like Linkedin), you should make it accessible for people using a mobile phone. This design by Mathieu Hervouet makes it easy to navigate and read the resume from a cell phone.

#20. Resume Frame

resume design 20

Adding a border around your resume can be a nice touch if you’re looking to keep a minimalist style, but still add some originality to it. You can add a plain color border, an image, or an illustration like in the design example above

#21. Deliver the Full Experience 

resume design 21

If you will be sending your resume by mail, you can put in some extra effort and turn it into a package. We’re talking about a customized envelope, folded resume, and even a personalized logo or sticker. This design by Lenka Kubisova is the perfect example.

#22. Use a Monogram

resume design 22

Don’t want to include a picture on your resume? You can substitute your photo with a monogram with your initials. It will look like a logo and give your resume a personal touch. Take a look at the minimalist monogram in Lime Resumes’ design. 

#23. Use A “Star” Color

resume design 23

If you want to add some drama to your resume, but don’t want to step out of the lines too much, you can go for a simple, minimalist resume and break the contrast with one accent color. It can be a light pastel green or a bright purple - whatever level of oomph you’re looking for. Prarthana Katariya and Jinkal Kalathiya used a lovely green to add life to their design. 

#24. Make It B I G

resume design 24

If colors and illustrations aren’t really your thing, you can still make a statement with your resume by using big, bold headers - nothing more. In their design, CPGR used very subtle colors, but they made their resume stand out by their big headers and even bigger first letters. 

#25. Self-Branding Package

resume design 25

#26. Brain Scan 

resume design 26

This is a great design, especially for illustrators, since they can also use it to showcase their talents. Yuri Kim’s resume looks like the report of a brain analysis with a half-circular timeline of education and work experiences as well as visual representations of skills and hobbies.


To wrap things up, we’ll give you some last pointers. 

  • Your resume design is a reflection of your personality. Choose wisely.
  • Not every industry/company appreciates every resume design. Choose appropriately.
  • Font type and size can change the whole vibe of the resume. Choose tastefully.

Want to learn more about writing a compelling resume? Check out our complete guide to writing a resume.

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