Project Manager Resume [2019] - Example & Full Guide

February 14
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Project Manager Resume - Samples & How to Guide

Almost every organization has a need for at least one Project Manager. Project Managers work within an organization to spearhead specific projects. They use project management technology to plan, budget, lead, and report on their project.

They might pitch the idea themselves or be assigned to it by upper management. Pretty much every product or building needs a Project Manager to oversee its development, so as you can imagine there are a lot of job openings in the field.

Project Managers need to know a variety of topics, including information technology, marketing, and construction, depending on the details of their project. At the very least, they need lots of industry-specific experience.

Usually, Project Managers get educated by a trade school, university, or certifying body before their first project management position. Others become Project Managers by other means, including promotion.

If you’re a Project Manager hopeful, read on to find out how to write your resume for maximum impact, and then check out the following Project Manager resume example!

project manager resume

Contact Information to Include on a Project Manager Resume

It has become the norm to include your city or town on your resume, but to not bother with your address. Your web presence is much more important now, and so your header should include links to anything relevant and of professional quality.

You might not want to mention your personal fly-fishing blog, but you can include your LinkedIn, work-related social media accounts, or a portfolio website.

Project Manager Resume Summary

The resume summary replaces the more old-fashioned objective statement. Instead of stating your goals for getting a job, the summary serves as an elevator pitch to highlight your unique contributions in a snappy way.

Since this is a very important piece of your resume, take some time to brainstorm exactly what you want to say:

  • How do you want to sum up your career?
  • What traits and skills do you have that you want to emphasize?
  • Why are you uniquely suited to the position?
  • Why are you the best candidate for the job?

Write down all your thoughts to answer these questions and then narrow it down to the perfect concise resume summary.

As you can see in the sample Project Manager resume included in this article, your Summary has to have strong words and only the most relevant info!

The Correct Summary Example for Project Manager Resume

Extroverted and enthusiastic Construction Project Manager with a history in both business administration and on-site carpentry and welding. Highly educated yet down-to-earth and unafraid to get hands-on with projects.

Wrong Summary Example

Construction Project Manager seeking employment with the Bianchi Brothers Building Company. Very good at the construction of all types. Please see my resume for more information.

Formatting a Project Manager Resume

Project Manager resumes need to emphasize both education and experience, so both these sections should be detailed and placed in an eye-catching area of the page. The Skills section is key too and should be near the top on all resumes, so don’t neglect to put strong words in there!

Since most Project Managers have a professional certificate in project management, this can be an especially important section on your resume. You might also want to include a Soft Skills category because working with people always requires communication and relevant competencies.

If you are writing an entry level Project Manager resume, you may want to draw the eye toward your education by including your degrees and some of the courses you took to achieve them. This is another instance where Soft Skills might get you an interview, so don’t neglect that category!

If you need to trim down a resume, leave out irrelevant jobs/education/volunteer work or make your descriptions more concise.

What’s the Difference Between a Construction Project Manager Resume and an IT Project Manager Resume?

Obviously, a Construction Project Manager and an IT Project Manager will have different backgrounds and usually work for different companies, even if they use many of the same soft skills.

Each respective type of resume should emphasize the background knowledge that you have in relevant fields. For example, the hard skills of a Construction Project Manager might involve carpentry, welding, architecture, and/or roofing, while an IT Project Manager would want to include programming languages, user interface design knowledge, and/or hardware maintenance skills.

No matter what kind of project your prospective employer is embarking on, include relevant experience!

Achievements for a Project Manager Resume

This is something almost every resume writer does wrong, so listen up! Rather than listing the boring everyday tasks, you did at previous jobs, spice up your resume by including achievements and accomplishments in the Work Experience section.

If they’re achievements that can be measured in numbers, that’s even better. Keep in mind that employers might already have a sense of job duties, especially if they’re all in the same field, and instead want to see something that impresses them and makes you stand out.

Write about the things you did to benefit the company as a whole, and you’ll have a much better chance of landing your dream job! 

Correct Examples of Achievements for a Project Manager Resume

  • Budgeted effectively, saving 0,000 in monthly operation costs.
  • Developed a database management program, leading the team in meeting all project deadlines.
  • Identified and fixed program bugs, leading to a marked increase in customer satisfaction as measured by online surveys.
  • Hired and trained four new team members based on predicted project needs.

Wrong Examples of Achievements for a Project Manager Resume

  • Answered email and phone calls
  • Delivered pizzas within 20 minutes
  • Managed projects
  • Voted Most Popular in high school

Project Manager Resume Skills

Contrary to traditional resume advice, the Skills section should appear near the top of the resume. This means that it’s one of the first things a potential employer sees, so it should showcase you effectively.

Here’s a list of skills to help you get started with your brainstorming:

Hard Skills for a Project Manager Resume

  • Budgeting
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Business strategy knowledge
  • Math
  • Microsoft Office skills
  • Accounting
  • Project Management software use
  • Database management
  • Programming languages

Soft Skills for a Project Manager Resume

  • Allocating resources
  • Presentation and public speaking
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Contract negotiation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Adaptability
  • Stress management
  • Communication skills
  • Planning

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