65 Best Online Jobs You Can Apply to in 2024 (& Get Paid)

27 December 2023
18 min read
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Online jobs are becoming more popular by the day - and for good reason.

Whether you’re tired of working in an office, are looking for more flexibility, or simply want to make some money on the side, online jobs are the answer. 

But with so many options out there, knowing where to look and what to look for might turn into a challenge. 

Worry not, we’ve got your back! In this article, we’re going to cover everything related to online jobs, including: 

  • 50 Best Online Jobs You Can Apply to in 2023
  • 10 Best Websites to Find Online Jobs
  • 5 Tips to Find and Apply for Online Jobs
  • How to Tell If an Online Job Is a Scam

So let’s dive in!

50 Best Online Jobs You Can Apply to in 2023

#1. Bookkeeper 

Salary: $20.17/hr

If you have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and some work experience in collecting and monitoring financial transactions and tracking debits, then you can become a remote bookkeeper

All you need to do is learn virtual bookkeeping software like Bookkeeper360, Xendoo, or whatever else the company might use.  

#2. Tutor

Salary: $22/hr

Do you have expertise in a specific subject? Then you can apply for an online job as a tutor for students from all over the world!

A Bachelor’s Degree in the field is usually mandatory, so make sure you include it in your resume. If you’ve got any experience teaching or a related degree, then that’s even better. 

#3. Social Media Manager

Salary: $26/hr

Do you spend a considerable amount of time on social media and know a thing or two about marketing? 

Then the online job of a social media manager is the right one for you!

As a social media manager, you’ll be tasked with promoting products and services on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

#4. Beauty Advisor

Salary: $21/hr 

Makeup and beauty-related services will never go out of style, which means you can leverage your knowledge in the field and become an online beauty advisor. 

One option here is to use your own social media channels to share your skincare or makeup routine with your follower base (and get paid for promoting beauty products). Alternatively, you can consult clients locally and globally as an employee of personal care and beauty products brands. 

#5. Personal Trainer 

Salary: $23/hr

Forget the gym - you can now train people online, as long as you have a good grasp of exercising and motivation techniques. 

With online personal training gigs, all you need is a strong Internet connection, the right training gear at home, and a Zoom or Skype account. 

#6. Email Marketer

Salary: $28/hr

As the name suggests, email marketing involves informing a company’s customers about new products, discounts, and other services, or simply keeping them engaged with the company brand via email. 

So, if you have a knack for writing email subject lines that a reader just can’t help but click on, then you can apply to become an online email marketing expert.

#7. Recruiter 

Salary: $31/hr

You no longer need to be in an office to recruit quality talent for companies around the globe. 

Online recruiters’ main duties include posting vacancies on different job boards and looking for potential candidates on LinkedIn. In some cases, you may also need to conduct an initial interview over Zoom and pass the best candidates over to the company’s hiring manager. 

#8. Proofreader 

Salary: $24/hr 

Proofreaders are responsible for proofing all types of content, such as blog posts, email copy, website copy, etc. 

If you have a Bachelor’s in English or are good at spotting grammatical errors and fixing sentences, then you can apply as a proofreader for marketing agencies, publishing houses, etc. 

#9. Freelance Writer

Salary: $32/hr

If you’re a good writer who’s experienced in a particular niche, you can become a freelance writer. 

Blogs, journals, and even newspapers that publish their content online are always on the lookout for quality writers that can provide informative content to their audiences. 

#10. Website Designer 

Salary: $28/hr

The employment of web developers and web designers is projected to grow by 23% from 2021 to 2031, much faster than the average for all other occupations. 

And the best part? You can do this job entirely online. Just make sure to include your Adobe Illustrator, UX, or CSS proficiency on your resume’s skills section, create a professional portfolio, and start applying. 

#11. SEO Specialist

Salary: $15 - $35/hr

Ranking on the first page of search engines is becoming increasingly important for companies selling their products and services online. 

If you have experience optimizing web content for humans and search engines alike, then you can definitely get an online job as an SEO expert. 

#12. Facebook Ads Specialist

Salary: $26/hour

As of June 2022, almost 3 billion people actively use Facebook. So, it’s no wonder that Facebook ads have become an effective way for companies to reach their target audience and drive new sales. 

That said, running Facebook ad campaigns takes time and experience and most businesses don’t have either. That’s precisely why Facebook ad specialists are so sought after right now. 

To become a Facebook ads specialist, you need to know how to launch and manage Facebook ads and track the results of each campaign based on specific KPI-s.  

#13. Graphic Designer 

Salary: $30.16/hr 

Graphic design is another job that can be easily done online. 

Just make sure to highlight some essential skills on your graphic designer’s resume, such as creativity, typography, or Adobe software proficiency, and back them up with examples of your previous work. 

And of course, make sure to add a link to your portfolio (or Behance profile) in your resume so that the hiring manager can adequately evaluate your design skills.

#14. Account Manager

Salary: $32/hr

Every client-facing company needs someone to manage their clients’ accounts, meet their needs, handle their complaints, and overall, keep the client satisfied with the services or products they’re paying for.

As an account manager, most of the job can be done online, as long as you can prove to your 

future employer that you possess communication skills, project management skills, and some experience with customer support.

#15. Accountant

Salary: $33/hr

With a well-crafted accountant resume and the right certification (think CPA, CFA, or CFE), you can now work as an accountant without having to go to the office. 

Remote accountants have the same responsibilities on-site - preparing and maintaining important financial reports and tax forms, reviewing invoices, and evaluating a company’s overall financial standing. 

#16. Animator 

Salary: $32/hr

Are you passionate and experienced in making animations for video games, commercials, music videos, or websites? 

Then you can be an animator without ever having to go to the office. Extra points (and pay) if you know how to make 3D animations. 

#17. Actuary 

Salary: $53/hour

Actuaries analyze the financial costs of a company’s risks and uncertainties. 

To get an online job as an actuary, you need to be versed in statistics, math, and finance to assess how risky potential events may be for a company and then help them develop policies and strategies that minimize the cost of those risks.

#18. Career Coach 

Salary: $23/hour

This online job is about helping others find and land their dream jobs! 

The top career coaches out there help people plan their careers, create job-winning resumes, do well in their job interviews, and even build their personal brands

#19. Compliance Specialist 

Salary: $29/hour

Compliance specialists are responsible for ensuring that organizations are complying with all regulatory and licensing requirements according to company, state, and federal regulations.

To be a remote compliance specialist you need the right certifications (e.g. Certified Ethics and Compliance Professional or Certified Regulatory Compliance Manager), as well as analytical and documentation skills. 

#20. Copywriter

Salary: $20/hr

Copywriters aim to write content that generates revenue and increases customer engagement. 

Ad agencies, marketing companies, and organizations with advertising and marketing departments are always looking for skilled copywriters who can deliver catchy content, no matter where they’re based. 

#21. Data Analyst 

Salary: $32/hr

Data analysts gather data from various sources to find key insights into a business's customer base. Then, they are responsible for transforming data into actionable information for the company. 

With a strong data analyst resume and cover letter, you should be able to land an online job in the field. 

#22. Data Scientist 

Salary: $36/hr 

Just like data analysts, data scientists are responsible for making sense of existing data. On top of that, they’re also responsible for figuring out new ways this data can be used on behalf of the company. 

If you’re good in statistics and computer programming and have a data scientist resume that can back up your skills, then you’re a shoo-in for an online data scientist job. 

#23. Database Manager

Salary: $34/hr 

Database managers are responsible for developing and maintaining an organization’s databases and supervising the daily operations of your database team. That involves creating data storage and retrieval systems, fixing database issues, and implementing recovery procedures and safety protocols.

#24. Dispatcher 

Salary: $23/hr

Dispatchers are responsible for receiving emergency and non-emergency calls, monitoring driver logs and directing drivers to specific locations, and addressing problems. 

Most remote dispatcher positions require just a high school diploma or a General Educational Development (GED) Test certificate. Some positions, though (such as those in emergency services), may require advanced, state-specific certifications. 

#25. DevOps Engineer

Salary: $56/hr

The primary goal of DevOps engineers is to monitor and optimize the flow of value from an original idea to the end user. DevOps engineering ranked fourth in Glassdoor’s ‘50 Best Jobs in America for 2022’ and it’s one of the most in-demand professions in the market today. 

Ensure your DevOps engineer resume is impeccable and effectively highlights all the hard and soft skills required in this job position to increase your chances of getting an online job. 

#26. ESL Instructor

Salary: $20/hr 

ESL stands for English as a Second Language. As a remote ESL instructor, you teach non-native speakers English via Zoom or Skype. 

Most schools and job boards require a TESOL certificate or a teaching license from candidates, so start by acquiring one, if you haven’t already. 

#27. Financial Analyst 

Salary: $36/hr

With a Bachelor’s degree in finance or a related field and the right certification, you can apply for a job as a remote financial analyst. 

Your responsibilities as a financial analyst will involve reviewing accounting, budget, and financial statements, researching economic trends and data, and recommending courses of action based on your analysis.  

#28. Event Coordinator 

Salary: $21/hr

Who said you need to be at an office to coordinate an event and make sure that everything is running smoothly? With this online job, you can plan company events and ensure they’re successful - all from the comfort of your home. 

#29. Fraud Prevention Analyst 

Salary: $28/hr 

Fraud analysts monitor bank accounts and financial transactions. Typically, banks and financial institutions hire fraud analysts to investigate, prevent, and, if necessary, deal with any fraudulent activity related to their customers’ accounts. 

You’ll need excellent verbal and written communication skills on top of your Bachelor’s Degree in criminal justice or computer science to land a job as a remote fraud prevention analyst. 

#30. IT Manager

Salary: $44/hr 

IT managers plan, direct, and monitor all the activities related to a company’s computer and information systems. This includes overseeing the network’s security and directing online operations. 

Fortunately, this is something you can now do as easily online as in an office. 

#31. Journalist 

Salary: $20/hr

Although reporters still need to go outside to find their next scoop, journalists that write features, op-eds, or interviews are no longer tied to the newsroom.

Working as a journalist online means you’ll write your articles at home and conduct interviews online, pass your drafts over to your editor, address any edits they may have, and continue this back-and-forth until your piece is ready for publication!  

#32. IT Systems Administrator 

Salary: $34/hr

As a remote IT system administrator, you’ll work online to install, configure, and update a company’s computer software and networks. 

You will also be expected to troubleshoot any IT issues that arise, ensure network connectivity and security, and safely back up the company’s data. 

#33. Market Researcher 

Salary: $38/hr

Remote market researchers are responsible for market research and analysis. Specifically, this involves gathering and analyzing data to help a company better market its products and services. 

You’ll need strong analytical skills, a good grasp of statistics, a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing, and an understanding of behavioral economics to get hired for one of these well-paid positions. 

#34. Law Enforcement Transcriptionist

Salary: $27/hr

Law enforcement transcriptionists translate the data collected from police body cameras, dash cameras, and other recording devices into text. 

Considering the dashboard camera market growth is expected to reach $10.86 billion by 2030 (a 13% increase in less than a decade), you have a good chance to get hired for this online job. Extra points if you have some knowledge of or previous experience in law enforcement. 

#35. Loss Prevention Specialist 

Salary: $17/hr

Loss prevention specialists implement and oversee procedures put in place to safeguard a company’s assets and prevent (or at least reduce) theft. 

As a remote loss prevention specialist, you’ll also be responsible for performing sales audits, reviewing sales data, and watching security footage to prevent theft within businesses. 

#36. Marketing Coordinator 

Salary: $22/hr 

Remote marketing coordinators develop and implement marketing strategies, telecommute with other marketing team members, create content based on market research and analysis, and collaborate with other departments to reach company goals. 

Improve your chances of getting hired by ensuring your marketing manager resume highlights any remote working skills you may have (e.g. knowledge of project management software, video conferencing tools, and time tracking tools). 

#37. News Desk Editor

Salary: $26/hr 

The online news desk editor position involves a variety of journalistic responsibilities, including regularly assigning reporters stories to cover, handling press releases, doing editorial reviews, and making sure whatever gets published is accurate and mistake-free. 

#38. Network Administrator 

Salary: $45/hr

This well-paid online job involves working with software, computer infrastructures, and entire network systems to ensure that everything is running like clockwork for their employer. 

Some of the tasks you’ll be assigned while working online typically include setting up or upgrading existing networks and identifying and solving problems. 

#39. Dissertation Editor

Salary: Around $265 per 10,000 words

Dissertation editors read, critique, and edit Ph.D. dissertations. 

Typically, the role involves editing for language and readability, structure, flow, presentation, and for plagiarism. If you’re also knowledgeable on the topic of the dissertation, you can also critique the quality and development of the writer’s thesis and propose edits.  

#40. Online Teacher

Salary: $26/hr 

Online education is becoming increasingly common - registered learners jumped from 44 million in 2019 to 92 million in 2022. 

So, if you already have a teaching degree, all you need to do is perfect your teacher resume and start applying for online teaching jobs. 

#41. Programmer 

Salary: $42/hr 

Remote programmers do everything that normal programmers do - code software, mobile applications, and websites, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise - but without going into the office. 

So, if you want a programmer’s salary without having to commute to work daily, a remote programmer job should be the right choice for you.

#42. Project Manager

Salary: $38/hr 

Online project management jobs are well-paid but also come with their fair share of responsibilities.  

In addition to being completely in charge of company projects, remote project managers also need to have a good grasp of team management software and time tracking tools to make sure that all project team members are on the same page. 

#43. Reservation Agent 

Salary: $16/hr

Do you have some experience working in the tourism industry? Then you can leverage that experience to get a remote role as a reservation agent!

With a good computer, a stable internet connection, and knowledge of booking software, you will be providing booking and reservation services to travelers and ensuring their trips go exactly as planned. 

#44. Research Associate 

Salary: $29/hr 

Research associates typically work in a company’s or organization’s research department. Their daily tasks involve gathering, organizing, and arranging information and data to help decision-makers make accurate decisions. 

Remote research associates may be tasked to conduct field research and experiments depending on the industry, but they can always report their findings online.  

#45. Telemarketer

Salary: $14/hr

This is one of the easiest online jobs you can get if you have some previous experience or a knack for sales. 

With just a computer and a good internet connection, you will need to reach out to new clients over the phone and sell them the company’s products or services. 

#46. Subcontracts’ Administrator 

Salary: $35/hr

Subcontract administrators look at various aspects related to contracts and subcontracts, including reviewing and organizing subcontracts and deadlines and ensuring that subcontractors are abiding by the terms of the contracts. 

#47. Travel Consultant 

Salary: $26/hr

If you’re looking for an online job that’s fun, easy, and pays fairly well, then give being a travel consultant a try! 

You will help people discover new travel destinations and then you’ll be in charge of proposing suitable travel packages for them and organizing their journey from start to end, including tickets, accommodation, and even things to do and places to visit while they’re there! 

#48. UI Developer 

Salary: $53/hr

User Interface (UI) developers need to effectively translate software design concepts into reality through front-end technology. 

With the right skills and work experience on your resume (HTML/CSS, JavaScript, testing/debugging, browser development tools, etc.), you should be able to easily land an online job as a UI developer. 

#49. Web Developer 

Salary: $60/hr

An online job as a web developer is perfect for coders who want to make websites fast, secure, and timely. 

This involves being responsible for a website’s technical aspects (performance and capacity), as well as occasionally taking care of the site’s content. Check out our web developer resume example to ensure yours will help you stand out from the crowd.

#50. Video Editor 

Salary: $20.90/hr

This is the perfect online job for anyone who can prove they’re experienced in aesthetically putting together camera footage material, sound effects, and special effects to produce a film or video. 

10 Online Jobs for Candidates With No Experience

Another great thing about online jobs? You can get hired even with no previous experience.

All you need to do is find the right one. 

Here is our list of the best online jobs requiring no experience to inspire you: 

  1. Instagram Influencer. If you can influence consumer behavior through your Instagram posts and stories, then you can easily do this job (and get paid well for it, too).
  2. Voiceover Artist. All you need is a good accent and attractive voice, a decent computer with a fast internet connection, and studio-quality headphones.
  3. Stock Photographer. Do you have a bunch of high-quality pics sitting around on your computer? Then you can sell them as stock photos. This online job is particularly great as a side hustle.
  4. Data Entry Worker. Data entry jobs require you to input data into a system in alphabetic or numeric order. It’s not the most creative online job, but it pays well (for an entry-level role) and requires no previous experience whatsoever!
  5. Virtual Assistant. VAs offer administrative support to companies, usually part-time and always remotely. Some typical VA tasks include managing e-mail accounts, scheduling appointments, etc. These responsibilities vary based on the industry, as different VAs specialize in offering services in specific fields, such as graphic design, marketing, blog writing, etc.
  6. Customer Service Representative. The majority of customer service rep jobs offer training and usually let you pick your own shift. This job is a great option for people with interpersonal skills who enjoy helping others.
  7. Music Reviewer. Instead of experience, this online job requires that you have a genuine passion for music. You will be reviewing music tracks or rating new albums.
  8. Transcriptionist. If you are a fast typer and have good attention to detail, you can get paid to listen to audio recordings and translate them into text.
  9. Website Tester. Get paid to rate websites’ UI and UE. All you need to do is answer a set of questions or express your opinion through a video. Extra points if you have some knowledge of how websites are supposed to work.
  10. Chat Agent. This online job involves offering customer support via chat and handling multiple queries at once. You’ll need great communication and multitasking skills.

10 Best Websites to Find Online Jobs

Now that we’ve covered the best online jobs out there (with or without experience), you probably want to know where to find them. 

Check out our top picks of the best remote job boards in 2023: 

  1. We Work Remotely. This is the largest remote work community, with online jobs in just about every field out there.
  2. AngelList. If you’re looking for an online job in a startup, look no further than AngelList.
  3. Indeed. One of the biggest global job boards that now also lets you look for online jobs.
  4. FlexJobs. This job board offers another impressive selection of online jobs with thousands of options to choose from.
  5. Remote.co. Subscribe to their weekly newsletter to get notified of new online job opportunities ASAP.
  6. Glassdoor. Just like Indeed, Glassdoor offers the option to look for online jobs. Additionally, they have some pretty valuable company reviews that can help you decide on what online job to apply for.
  7. Working Nomads. This job board has hundreds of options to choose from in healthcare, IT, education, marketing, law, etc.
  8. ZipRecruiter. One of the most popular job boards out there, ZipRecruiter is just as good at listing some of the best online jobs available as it is listing conventional jobs.
  9. Remote Work Facebook Groups. There are many legitimate Facebook groups dedicated to posting online job opportunities (e.g. Digital Nomad Jobs with over 150,000 members).
  10. Jobspresso. Another job board that regularly updates its online job offers in marketing, IT, customer service, etc.

Alternatively, you can check out our comprehensive list of companies offering online jobs and apply directly to their website if they’re hiring for your role.  

5 Tips to Apply for Online Jobs

To make sure you land the online job of your dreams, you’ve got to prove to the hiring manager that you’re just the candidate they’re looking for. 

Here are our best tips on how to apply and land that online job you’ve got your eye on: 

  1. Figure out your transferable skills. Working online requires a distinct set of skills (such as time management, work ethic, and self-motivation). If you’ve never worked online before but have acquired these skills through a previous job, make sure to highlight them in your resume’s skills section!
  2. Update your resume. Speaking of resumes, make sure you apply with a remote job resume. There are some differences between conventional resumes and remote job resumes, and not paying attention to them may harm your chances of getting hired.
  3. Update your profile on professional networking sites. If you’re using LinkedIn or other professional networking sites to look and apply for online jobs, it wouldn’t harm to also update your profile to reflect that.
  4. Get certified. Extra certifications are a great way to stand out from the crowd. So, look up courses related to the online job you want to apply for, earn the certification, and show it off on your resume!
  5. Use a resume template. Most employers use Applicant Tracking Systems to effectively sort out the hundreds of resumes they receive. This means that if your resume isn’t ATS-optimized, it might not even get read. To solve this, you can use one of our tried-and-tested resume templates, which are built for the world’s most used ATS.
online jobs resume templates

5 Online Jobs That You Can Do Yourself

If you would rather be your own boss instead of working for a company, we have some good news!

There are online jobs that you can do yourself as a freelancer or an entrepreneur. Some of these jobs are:

  1. Blogging. If you’re good at blogging, you can make money from sponsorships, ads, or affiliate marketing. The same applies if you have a popular YouTube channel or podcast.
  2. Design (bags, cups, T-shirts). There are plenty of websites out there selling custom T-shirts, bags, and other items. You can submit your own designs and make money from selling them. 
  3. E-commerce. In 2022, creating your own online store is easier than ever. All you have to do is register on Etsy or Shopify, source products, and you’ll be in business within weeks.
  4. Photography. There are many types of photography that you can do remotely and then sell online, from food photography and commercial product photo shoots to interior design photography. 
  5. Event planning. Become a remote event planner to organize parties, weddings, or bachelor parties using just your computer and your impeccable organizational skills. 

How to Tell If an Online Job is a Scam 

Unfortunately, not every online job out there is legitimate.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, Americans were scammed out of $68 million due to fake business and job opportunities in the first quarter of 2022. 

Job scams come in all shapes and sizes, some of the most common ones including: 

  • Fake e-mailed job offers
  • Fake jobs on social media
  • Fake employment or recruitment websites

And while these sketchy job offers may seem appealing at a glance (think, claiming they pay $100 a day, no previous experience needed), they’re usually out for two things - stealing your money or your personal information

Here’s a quick checklist on how to avoid job scams

How to Spot a Scammy Online Job
  • Is it too good to be true? Jobs that promise a great salary or other job perks for little-to-no work experience are, in 99.9% of cases, a scam. 
  • Is the company legitimate? If your potential employer doesn’t have an online presence (a website, social media channels, or an official company email), then the job offer is almost always a scam. 
  • Do they ask for a “one-time fee”? If the employer asks you to pay money to get trained (or to buy the equipment for the job), that’s a HUGE red flag. 
  • Is it a multi-level marketing scheme (MLM)? If your job involves buying a product and then reselling it to someone you know, then the job is probably a multi-level marketing scheme and should be avoided at all costs. 
  • Does it involve getting rich from trading? Many scammy jobs promise to make you rich from trading or learning how to trade, if only you pay them a one-time, generous training fee.

Pros and Cons of Online Jobs

With all the hype about remote work out there, it can be hard to stay objective about the advantages and disadvantages that come with it. 

Here’s a quick look at whether the pros of online jobs outweigh the cons to help you decide whether getting one is the right choice for YOU: 

Pros of Online Jobs
  1. Online jobs offer employees more freedom and flexibility.
  2. An online job allows you to work from anywhere that works for you, be it your home, a coworking space, a coffee shop, etc.
  3. Remote work statistics show that employees who work online are overall more productive.
  4. Online jobs are beneficial for stay-at-home parents, introverts, digital nomads, and people in creative industries, as they don’t tie you to the office from 9 to 5 on a daily basis.
  5. Online jobs make it easier to save money, considering you spend less on commuting, business lunches, updating your professional wardrobe, etc.
Cons of Online Jobs
  1. Online jobs require high levels of self-motivation and concentration, which can be hard to achieve for people who have trouble staying motivated.
  2. When you’re working online you don’t get to see your coworkers as much, which can cause you to feel lonely and isolated. 
  3. Working online also minimizes collaboration among employees and the transfer of knowledge within a team.

FAQs on Online Jobs

Do you still have some questions about online jobs? We’ve answered the most frequently asked questions on the topic to clear out any confusion:

Q — 

Do online jobs really pay?

Absolutely! As long as the job is not a scam, you’ll get paid just as you would for any office job.

The pay rate typically depends on the industry (e.g. engineering jobs today pay more than, say, journalism) and the position (senior level versus entry-level), as well as on what you bring to the table with your skills and experience. 

Q — 

Can online jobs be trusted?

Yes, the majority of online jobs can be trusted.

As a rule of thumb, if the position doesn’t require that you pay them a one-time fee, doesn’t promise hefty pay for no experience, or doesn’t guarantee it’ll make you rich from trading, chances are you can trust it. 

Q — 

What online jobs can I do as a student?

The best online jobs for students offer flexible schedules and require little-to-no experience. For example, you can work as an online tutor, search engine evaluator, transcriptionist, content editor, or virtual assistant. 

Q — 

Which online jobs are in demand?

The 10 most in-demand online positions for 2022 are customer service representative, VA, certified nurse, software developer, digital marketing specialist, tutor, computer systems analyst,  graphic designer, web developer, and information security analyst. 


And that’s a wrap on online jobs! 

Thanks for reading our article. Hopefully, we’ve armed you with all the knowledge you need to start applying for online jobs.

Now back to you - it’s time to brush up on your resume and start looking for your next remote role!