Lawyer Cover Letter Example (w/ Templates & Tips for 2024)

14 June
7 min read
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You've come a long way to reach your legal goals.

From your early dreams to helping justice thrive to making a career in the world of law, your journey has been amazing. 

But as you’re preparing for your next big professional step, there's a challenge: writing a great lawyer cover letter.

We don’t blame you; showing off your legal skills can be tough. 

That’s why, in this article, we'll help you create a cover letter that highlights your skills and gets you closer to your dream legal job.

Here’s what’ll cover: 

  • An Outstanding Lawyer Cover Letter Example
  • 5 Essential Steps to Crafting a Top-tier Legal Cover Letter
  • 3 Lawyer Cover Letter Tips

...and much more!

Lawyer Cover Letter Example

Lawyer Cover Letter

5 Steps for the Perfect Law Cover Letter

You've just had a glimpse of what a stellar cover letter looks like, and now you're well-equipped to craft your own

It's as simple as following a few straightforward steps to make it shine, starting with:

#1. Put Contact Information in the Header

Your cover letter should start with your contact information neatly placed in the header, just like on your resume. 

Here's what you should include:

  • Full Name: Your complete name should be at the top of the page.
  • Professional Title: Tailor your professional title to match the precise job you're seeking. Hiring managers juggle applications for several roles at the same time, so making the position you’re interested in clear can help make their lives easier.
  • Email Address: Opt for a professional and straightforward email address, like a combination of your first and last name. Those quirky high school email addresses won't cut it. (e.g., is good, but isn't)
  • Phone Number: Ensure the number you provide is accurate for easy contact. If you're applying for an international position, include the appropriate dial code.
  • Location: Typically, your city and state or country suffice. However, if you're pursuing a remote position or considering relocation, make that clear in your lawyer cover letter.
  • Relevant Links (Optional): You can include links to pertinent websites or social media profiles, such as your LinkedIn.

Next, it's time to include the hiring manager's details:

  • Company Name: Specify the name of the company you're applying to.
  • Hiring Manager's Name: If possible, identify the hiring manager for the department you're interested in. You can check the job listing, the company's website, or their LinkedIn page to find this information.
  • Hiring Manager's Title: If you discover the name of the hiring manager for the specific job listing and realize they're the head of the department, use that instead of "Hiring Manager."
  • Location: Mention the city, state, or country, particularly for globally operating companies. If you want to be more specific, you can add the company's exact street address.
  • Email Address (Optional): If available, include the hiring manager's email address.
  • Date of Writing (Optional): Consider adding the precise date when you composed your cover letter for a professional touch.

#2. Address the Hiring Manager

After jotting down all the necessary contact details, ensure you address your cover letter to its intended audience.

And, skip the old-fashioned "To Whom It May Concern" while you’re at it.

The way you address your cover letter can set a positive tone with the recruiter, especially if you give it some thought.

Start with a bit of digging around. Scour the job advertisement, law firm's website, or LinkedIn profile to pinpoint the person in charge of hiring for the position you're eyeing. A bit of effort can help you discover their name and email contact.

Next, greet them respectfully. Opt for Ms. or Mr., followed by their surname. If you're uncertain about their gender or marital status, simply use their complete name. For instance:

Example Addressing Hiring Manager:
  • Dear Mr. Thompson,
  • Dear Jordan Thompson,

If you can’t find out their details, though, no worries! You can address your letter to the specific department or the law firm more broadly:

Example Addressing Law Firm:
  • Dear Legal Department,
  • Dear Legal Hiring Committee,
  • Dear HR Selection Team,
  • Dear Lead Attorney,

#3. Write an Eye-Catching Opening Statement

Hiring managers often spend just seven seconds scanning an application to decide whether it’s worth their time and attention.

So, it's crucial to grab their attention fast with your lawyer cover letter.

Start your cover letter with your name and why you're interested in the legal job. Show your passion for law to make them want to know more about you.

Researching the law firm also helps. Knowing about their work and values lets you show what a great fit you’d be for the job. Not to mention, it proves you're really interested in this specific role, not just any role out there.

If you've got lots of legal experience, mention an important achievement, like a big case you've won, or special skills you have that are relevant to the position. But remember to keep your introduction short. Your aim is to get the hiring manager to read the rest of your cover letter.

Check out our other cover letter examples to write an attention-grabbing opening paragraph. 

#4. Use the Cover Letter Body for the Details

The main part of your legal cover letter lets you explain why you're the right fit for the job in more detail.

The trick here is to not merely repeat your lawyer resume. This is where you get to put your top legal skills and experiences into the spotlight. Your goal? To show the hiring manager you're the best choice among all the candidates. 

For starters, mention any big achievements in law and explain how you accomplished them or what skills it took you. Let the job ad guide you through for the best possible outcome. For example, if the role you’re gunning for is related to intellectual property law, focus on your knowledge of that instead of other law areas.

Additionally, show that you know about the firm's big cases or how they work. This proves you're really interested in working with them and that you fit their culture.

End by showing how passionate you are about the role. Say how you believe you can add value to their team with your legal skills and experience.

Also, make sure to avoid making any of these common cover letter mistakes to make sure your application is spotless. 

#5. Wrap It Up and Sign It

Ending your cover letter is like giving a strong closing in court.

Make sure your ending leaves the hiring manager convinced about your abilities and interested in calling you in for an interview. It should build trust in what you offer and remove any doubts that you may not be the right fit for the role.

Your cover letter’s ending is your time to summarize your top legal skills and why you're a great fit for their team. Alternatively, talk about your biggest achievements or the unique things you can bring to the table. 

After that, urge the hiring manager to take the next step by including a call to action. That could be a chat or an in-person meeting. This shows you're invested in the position and could help you get an interview.

Finally, when you sign off, stay professional. End with a simple sign-off and your full name. For example:

Signing Your Cover Letter:

Should you wish for further clarification or insights regarding my legal qualifications, please reach out via the provided email or contact number. I eagerly anticipate the prospect of delving deeper into how I can contribute to your esteemed legal firm.

Yours sincerely,

Jane Smith

If you feel "Yours sincerely" is rather commonplace, here are some alternative sign-offs tailored for the legal profession:

  • In utmost respect,
  • With appreciation,
  • Thank you for your due consideration,

3 Essential Law Cover Letter Tips

You've mastered the cover letter fundamentals! Let's step it up and delve into some key cover letter tips specifically designed for lawyers to make your letter truly stand out:

#1. Match Your Resume

When applying for a legal position, consistency is your best friend.

Make sure your cover letter matches your resume visually as much as it matches it in content quality. This will help you come across as attentive to detail and well-organized.

Your name and contact details should sit tidily on the page. Also, keep your fonts and their sizes uniform throughout both documents. Remember to also adjust the margins and space between lines to keep your cover letter to a single page

Ready to make a great impression?

Or Use A Cover Letter Template Instead

Starting from scratch can be a drag. 

Take advantage of our cover letter templates for a swift fix. Together with our free resume templates, they can be the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Made hand-in-hand with global hiring pros, they hit all industry marks and just pop. Go on, match that resume with style!

lawyer cover letter examples

#2. Emphasize Your Achievements

Highlighting your achievements isn't just about a humble brag; it's about showcasing the tangible results of your dedication and expertise. 

When hiring managers sift through stacks of cover letters, they're not just looking for claims. They want evidence. They want to see that spark of exceptional talent and commitment. Achievements offer a snapshot of what you've accomplished and hint at what you're capable of achieving in the future.

Now, here's the tricky part. While your resume might list your achievements in bullet points, your cover letter should weave them into a compelling narrative. Think of it as telling a story, where your achievements serve as key plot points and demonstrate your ability to handle challenges and achieve results.

For instance, instead of just stating you led a high-profile case, delve a bit into the complexities of the case and how your innovative approach made a difference. Link these accomplishments directly to the requirements of the job you're applying for. This not only reinforces your capabilities but also illustrates your deep understanding of the role.

Key Takeaways

And that’s all there is to crafting a stellar lawyer cover letter! Hopefully, you’re on track to secure that ideal legal position in no time.

But before you send off your cover letter, here are some main points from our article:

  • Start your lawyer cover letter by detailing both your contact information and that of the hiring attorney or law firm's HR representative. Ensure your details are accurate so that they can reach out to you for a potential interview.
  • The opening paragraph of your lawyer's cover letter should capture the interest of the hiring party, compelling them to continue reading.
  • In the main section of your cover letter, emphasize your most notable achievements and skills that align with the legal role you're pursuing.
  • It's effective to include a persuasive call to action towards the conclusion of your law firm cover letter, prompting the hiring party to consider calling you or arranging an interview.
  • Maintain a consistent design between your cover letter and resume. If you're short on time, think about using one of our resume and cover letter templates for a cohesive appearance.