10+ Jobs in the Metaverse (That Will Exist in the Future)

27 December 2023
5 min read
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Less than 30 years ago people were skeptical about the internet and whether it would be a good thing for humanity.

Today, the Metaverse - a network of 3D virtual worlds that were once just a futuristic concept - is already in the making.

Yeap, many of the sci-fi movies we’re used to watching are becoming reality and, like most tech enthusiasts, you probably can’t wait to find out what the future’s got in store for us. 

Well, in many aspects, the Metaverse is a lot like the real world - a virtual space where people will be able to socialize, work, and play. Yet, all these activities will also be significantly different from what we’re used to. 

So, are you considering getting a job in the Metaverse or are you just curious about the jobs of the future? This article’s got you covered!

We’ll talk about both jobs that will be done within the metaverse, as well as jobs that will play a part in its creation and functionality. 

Stick around for a comprehensive list of jobs and professions that will exist and be in high demand in the Metaverse. 

10+ Futuristic Jobs in the Metaverse

#1. Metaverse World Designers

Metaverse will be a virtual world mirrored to the real world. The main idea of it is to give people the opportunity to do the things inside that they might not be able to do in the real world, such as visit museums in different countries, attend concerts, study in universities, do business online, and much more. 

Just like successful games need a great interface and user experience to attract players to their world, so will the Metaverse.

That's where Metaverse world designers come in - they’ll be charged with creating all aspects of the Metaverse, including but not limited to:

  • User interface.
  • Game systems.
  • Game design.

And a lot more.

As a future Metaverse designer, one will need extensive knowledge in 3D design, UI/ UX design, an in-depth understanding of game design, and so on.

#2. Metaverse Computer Scientist

Thousands of years of research and scientists still have so much to figure out about our universe; after all, never-ending curiosity about how things work is what drives humanity forward. 

Well, the Metaverse will be a new kind of universe, so it will need scientists to explore the possibilities it holds and further develop it. 

However, while in the real world it's all about physics, the virtual world will be all about ones and zeros. Metaverse scientists will research those ones and zeros and determine how far XR can go.

Scientists who study and research AR and VR are already out there, but, as an XR, the Metaverse will need a lot more brainpower and understanding of both worlds for it to work successfully.

#3. Metaverse Marketer

Just like there are marketers specializing in social media advertising, there will also be marketers who work exclusively with ads in the Metaverse.

Every brand needs to advertise its product and execute marketing strategies online and offline to stay in the game and make a profit. The Metaverse will be no different.

Some of the big brands like Nike and Disney, for instance, are already planning to enter the Metaverse world as pioneers, and they’ll need experts who specialize in Metaverse marketing to help them present their brand in the virtual world. 

As for what, exactly, a Metaverse marketer is going to do, this is not 100% clear yet. Unlike ads on the internet or social media, advertising in virtual reality won't be as cut and dry as simply buying a banner on a website.

So, Metaverse marketers will have to be well versed in digital marketing, have creative skills, and know the Web 3.0 ecosystem to successfully execute marketing strategies in virtual reality.

#4. Metaverse Lawyers 

Metaverse Law is already accelerating as an industry due to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) becoming popular in 2023.

In the Metaverse, there will be completely new types of asset classes, which in turn, will require new laws to govern how you buy/sell/manage them.

Digital art copyright, trademark laws, tax laws on digital assets, and many more topics will need to be legally re-assessed in order to protect the rights of artists, companies, and just ordinary Metaverse users.

So it’s almost certain that a new generation of lawyers will be born who will specialize in Metaverse law to protect their client’s rights, assets, companies, intellectual properties, and more. 

#5. Metaverse Cyber Security

Protecting yourself in the cyber world is an issue even today. With Metaverse, hackers will have a field day. 

To protect virtual reality from Cyberattacks, data leaks, cyber thefts, and other similar issues, Metaverse will need the next level of cyber security. 

Cyber security experts in Metaverse will work in real-time to protect the system from attacks. They will be detecting, assessing, and preventing frauds, theft, and breaches to confidential data. 

This new profession won’t simply involve following safety protocols but also creating new applications and systems to help ensure the Metaverse is safe. 

Becoming a Metaverse cyber security expert will need some background in regular cyber security and programming.

#6. Metaverse World Planners

As we already mentioned, the Metaverse will be a world mirroring our own. 

Therefore, there will be tons of details to plan out. From the smallest things, like creating avatars, to bigger needs like the rules of using Metaverse as a platform for your business, it will all need extensive planning. 

Metaverse world planners will be the ones to come up with detailed strategies for creating and using functionalities for companies in this virtual world. 

This will be a perfect job for people with experience in managing software projects.

#7. Metaverse World Builders

Since the Metaverse will (technically) be a living, breathing world, someone will have to handle the job of actually designing what the world will look like.

Everything from virtual reality architecture to how your virtual persona is going to look will have to be designed.

Unlike architects in real life, though, virtual reality world builders won’t have any limitations of physics or, well, reality, so this job will truly allow creatives to really unleash their imagination.

#8. CVO - Chief Virtual Officer

Chief Virtual Officers, or CVOs, will be executives with experience and understanding of virtual realities.  

Their main responsibilities will be to advise companies on how to best present their brand in virtual reality.

A great example of how companies will make a profit off of virtual products is Gucci, who already sold their first handbag in Roblox (an online gaming platform) for more money than it costs in the real world (around $4,000). 

This role will require extensive executive experience, leadership skills, and a very strong understanding of virtual reality and the digital ecosystem as a whole. 

#9. Metaverse Hardware Engineers

Yes, Oculus and other VR goggles are all fun and games, until you wear them for a long time and your neck starts to ache. 

The existing VR devices are not exactly fit for long-term comfort. While they’re fun to play with here and there, they’re not something you can wear, for example, during an 8-hour workday.

As such, Metaverse hardware engineers will be essential in replicating the real-world experience in virtual reality. 

And no, this doesn’t just mean making existing devices more comfortable. Tons of extremely interesting VR devices are being created, some of which include:

  • VR 360 degree treadmills
  • VR haptic feedback gloves and suits

And many more!

#10. Augmented and Virtual reality engineers

Let's not forget about those who will be doing the groundwork in building the Metaverse. 

With the Metaverse and new technological developments, demand for AR and VR engineers is rising rapidly - and that’s just the beginning. 

This means that there will be hundreds of new software and platforms needed specifically for Metaverse to be designed and it will be impossible without AR and VR software engineers. 

As a given, anyone that wants to work in this field will need extensive tech knowledge and experience.

#11. Metaverse Tour Guides

Last but definitely not least Future job that we want to discuss is Metaverse tour guides. 

Tourism is one of the biggest industries today. It's only logical that Metaverse will have just as much to explore. 

Metaverse Tour Guides will be your number one people to go to when you enter Metaverse for the first time. 

They will have extensive knowledge of this new world, just like today's tourist guides. Moreover, they will help you navigate in this new, exciting world and find what you are looking for.

Key Takeaways

  • Metaverse is already here, creating and expanding humans' understanding of Virtual reality.
  • A huge part of Web 3.0, a new era of the digital world will be centered around Extended reality.
  • Metaverse will create a new world order that will be community-oriented.
  • New jobs and professions are already created. And yet it's just the beginning.
  • Big brands and companies are hopping on these new opportunities and sooner or later we all are going to be part of it.
  • Metaverse will create endless opportunities for everyone around the world to find a source of income and improve their lives.