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4 April
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You’re looking for a job.

You’re applying on different job boards and sending dozens of resumes every week.

You’re about to apply for the latest ad, but the company seems familiar. Did you already apply here and get rejected?

Your job search doesn’t have to be this confusing.

We’re here to bring you a solution that takes your job application strategy to the next level!

The #1 Mistake Job-Seekers Make

Picture this: applications spread across different job boards, scribbles on sticky notes, and reminders on your calendar that catch you off guard.

You get a call from a company you don’t remember applying for, or you accidentally apply to another employer who already rejected you last month.

The most common mistake job-seekers make is not organizing their job hunt.

You might think organizing your job applications is a hassle, but this kind of chaos can lead to overlooking follow-ups, confusion between different job applications, and, worst of all - missed opportunities.

Disorganization makes it hard to keep track of any progress you might have made in your job search, and it makes the entire process more stressful than it has to be.

Every job application is a potential future career, and when you miss the details or the deadlines, it decreases your chances of landing your dream job.

The Novorésumé Job Tracker is Here to Fix That!

Organizing your job search is a crucial step to succeeding.

You need a structured system to track where you've applied, set reminders for follow-ups and interviews, and include detailed notes for each application.

This is why we created the brand new Novorésumé Job Tracker!

The job tracker transforms your job search from a shot in the dark to a well-managed strategy.

By using the job tracker, you can make sure that every application is followed through with the attention it deserves, as well as add detailed notes and track your progress.

How to Use the Job Tracker to Find Your Next Job

To get started, log into your Novorésumé account and use the sidebar to open “My Documents.”

step one job tracker

You’ll notice that the header has three separate buttons.

step two job tracker

Choose the last one on the right to open the job tracker!

job tracker by novoresume

Once opened, the job tracker lets you easily manage and track your job search activities.

It uses an intuitive Kanban layout that lets you divide your job search into customized stages, and create separate boards for the different websites you’re scouring for work.

job tracker step four

No need to try and remember what company you’ve already applied to; just take a look at your boards on the job tracker for the details.

Each job entry comes with tons of options where you can add a link to the job ad itself, as well as include the salary range, note the channel you used to send your application, and create any custom notes you need.

job tracker step five

With all your job applications in one place, you don’t have to keep track of dozens of different job boards.

On top of that, the job tracker helps you clean up your computer from dozens of versions of your resume. After all, for your job hunt to be successful, you’ll have to tailor your resume according to the position you’re applying for.

By using the job tracker, you can attach files to each job ad you include on your job board and save up some space.

job tracker step six

As for the timeline feature, it lets you add activities for each job application.

Create a custom schedule to keep track of when you should tailor your resume, follow up on your application, or prepare for that upcoming interview.

You can keep track of all your activities in the section with your data.

This turns your job search into a list of to-dos and helps you plan your next steps.

You never have to miss an application deadline again!

job tracker step seven


Now you know everything about the Novorésumé Job Tracker!

We’re confident you’ll have a much easier time keeping track of your job applications and landing your dream job in no time.

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