40+ Best Job Search Sites in 2024 [For Every Industry]

27 December 2023
15 min read
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Want to find the perfect job search website for your dream job?

Of course, you do.

The problem is, so does everyone else.

There are a TON of job search websites out there, depending on what you’re looking for.

And picking just one job search website can be overwhelming.

What if the best job opportunity for you is just around the corner, and you’re just not looking in the right place?

All job search sites have something unique about them and can help you with your job-hunt.

You just need to know where to look.

In this guide, we’re going to cover two types of job search websites:

  • Conventional job search engines - e.g. Indeed, LinkedIn, Job.com, etc. where you’ll find just about any type of jobs
  • Niche job boards - job boards for more specific professions or fields, think: sales job boards, tech job boards, marketing jobs, virtual assistants, and more

So, ready to land your dream job? Read on to find some of the best job boards on the web.

Here's what you need to know:

20 Best Job Boards (For Every Job-Seeker)

These job boards have something for everyone. 

Regardless of your profession or field, you’re probably going to find something that’s relevant for you.

Starting with the obvious -


indeed job search

Indeed is one of the most popular job boards on the internet - you’ve probably heard of it.

What makes it so popular is that all you have to do is type in your job title keywords and your location on the website. And then, you’ll instantly gain results from thousands of different company career pages.

Though, if you want, you can also create an Indeed profile and let employers come to you instead - not bad, right?


linkedin job finder

LinkedIn is another obvious choice, and it is so much more than just a job board.

With it, you can search for specific job listings based on location, seniority level, and more. 

You can also boost your networking reach by connecting with key people in your field.

You can use LinkedIn to land a job in several different ways:

  • Getting in touch with recruiters in your industry
  • Checking company job openings
  • Looking up open positions
  • Getting head-hunted (if your profile is well-optimized)


glassdoor job search

Glassdoor is a really practical job search website because you can filter your searches based on the job type, salary range, distance, and more.

And if you really want to be on top of your career game, you can use GlassDoor to look up the following:

  • Average salaries for your field
  • Average salaries at a specific company
  • Reviews for potential employers
  • Typical interview questions at specific companies
  • And more!


job com job search

Job.com offers an innovative approach to the job recruitment model by using artificial intelligence and automation.

All you have to do is upload your resume, and their innovative tech will connect you with new job opportunities on its own - while giving you feedback at each step of the way.

As a cherry on top, you also get a 5% signing reward if you get a job using their automated hiring platform.


monster job search

Monster is another general job board search site where you can look for jobs based on keywords, location, - all the usual stuff.

The site has a great job selection list and you can also look for jobs based on categories on (e.g. legal, accounting, marketing, etc.).

And finally, what’s really unique about Monster is that the site also has an advice section where you can get career advice based on your application.


careerbuilder job search

CareerBuilder makes your job search easy by notifying you of the latest jobs you might be interested in.

The site can give you job recommendations based on your resume keywords and also gives you a report of how you compare to other candidates.


joblist find job

Joblist boasts well over a million job listings in one place.

The UI is slick, the search is instant, and the results are relevant.

It’s simple, and it works great.


zip recruiter job search

ZipRecruiter is an ideal website for job seekers as well as employers within the United Kingdom.

The site has listings for all jobs from A-Z. 

If there’s something specific you’re looking for - ZipRecruiter is likely to have it.


simplyhired job search

SimplyHired is a job search site tailored for you as it allows you to discover local jobs and also gives you an approximate salary estimator with your job role.

And if you’re not from the United States, don’t worry. SimplyHire also offers several local job listings, depending on your region. 

job search masterclass


craiglist job search

Craiglist?! Wait what?

Yes, believe it or not, Craigslist can be a great job search website because of how straightforward the categories and the listings are on there.

Though you might not find some of the big corporations advertising there, it’s still a great way to find some local brands, small-to-medium businesses and quick, one-time gigs.


linkup job search

LinkUp is a job search website and a data source for job seekers.

They collect and index millions of job ads directly from employer websites globally, process the data, and then deliver insightful and actionable job market information.

For those interested in handling the career data in other ways, they also offer useful data reports, analytics, and indices.


robert half job search

RobertHalf is mainly a job staffing agency, but it also offers a really solid job search engine.

They work with different companies all over the world, have thousands of listings, and help people find both full-time and part-time positions.

Though, their areas of specialization don’t end there, as they also offer other HR management resources and solutions to companies if needed.

You can look for a job yourself, or get in touch and ask their recruitment team to help you out.


usajobs job search

Looking for a federal position in the U.S. government?

USAJOBS is an official website of the U.S. government for those specifically looking for government jobs.

This is as official as it gets, so if you’re serious about your career development within a federal position - you better bring your A-game.


snagajob job search

Snagajob is a job search engine that lists job openings hourly.

On there, you can find jobs, flexible shifts, and hourly insights on how to succeed in your career.

As an added benefit, you can also download their app and be instantly notified whenever there’s a new opening that fits your availability.


theladders job search

TheLadders is your one stop shop for all executive and senior-level jobs.

Candidates looking for positions that pay above six-figure salaries are likely to find this site useful.

If you think you have what it takes and the experience to match your salary, TheLadders is a great site to leap into a senior job role.


idealist job search

Idealist is the go-to place for all jobs related to the nonprofit sector.

This includes volunteering positions, internships, grad programs, training organizations, and more.

Once you register, you can start connecting with millions of people who want to do good and look for collaboration projects all over the world.


joblift job search

Joblift is an all-in-one approach to a job search website.

All you have to do is a filter for your location and you’ll get a comprehensive list of the entire job market in one platform.

From there on, you can easily start applying for jobs with the site’s easy-to-navigate interface.


jobisjob job search

JobisJob is another job search site with plenty of job listings under each career field.

You can filter for most searched jobs, for location, companies, and more.

It’s a simple site with well over 5,000,000+ job listings for companies across the U.S.


college recruiter job search

CollegeRecruiter is a job search website for those who don’t have a lot of practical experience under their belt.

Whether you’re looking for an internship or an entry-level job, this site can help connect you to the right place.

You can filter for jobs based on your major, growing industries, and/or entry-level internships.

20 Best Niche Job Boards (For All Sorts of Fields)

Now, it’s time to niche down.

The following job boards are for specific skills within an industry.

For example, if your specialty is WordPress front-end development, you’re better off looking for a job on a niche board. 

Chances are, you’re only ever going to need 2-3 niche job boards - depending on your profession.

So, to save you time, here’s a quick summary of all the niche job boards we’re going to list:

Niche Job Boards

IT Job Boards

  • Hired
  • Dice
  • Stack Overflow

Student Job Boards

  • Internships
  • ErasmusIntern

Designers Job Boards

  • Behance
  • Dribble

Marketer Job Boards

  • ProBlogger
  • TalentZoo
  • Public Relations Society
  • MediaBistro

Remote Job Boards

  • WeWorkRemotely
  • Workew

Other Job Boards

  • Wellfound (formerly known as AngelList Talent)
  • Mashable
  • SalesGravy
  • EFinancialCareers
  • JobsInSport
  • HireMyMom
  • Health eCareers
  • Culintro
  • Go Overseas

Now, let’s take a look at those niche job boards in more detail:

IT Job Boards


hired job search

Hired is a marketplace that matches tech workers with innovative IT companies around the world.

The website takes your resume and through its intelligent job matching technology, connects you with companies looking for people with a specific skill set.

Through Hired, you also get the transparency of salary offers and other necessary job details upfront.


dice job search

Dice is another tech job search site. 

It helps you find jobs in some of the top tech corporations and get discovered by top employers by making your profile public.

By signing up, you receive custom job notifications, gain the quick apply option, and can create personalized salary estimates.

stack overflow job search

If you’re a techie, you’ve probably heard of Stack Overflow before, but did you know about their developers-first jobs section?

The site includes just about any type of software development jobs out there. And you also get other cool features such as filtering by remote work, specific tech you like to work with, compensation, job perks, and more.

Student Job Boards


erasmusintern job find

If you’re still studying or you recently graduated, ErasmusIntern is a great way to gain practical experience through a hands-on internship.

They offer listings mostly in assistant and trainee roles in a lot of different countries throughout Europe, depending on the field of study or degree.

If you want to break out of your comfort zone and learn a new skill while doing so, ErasmusIntern is the way to go.


internships search

Internships is one of the top internship sites within the marketplace.

It features well over 300,000 different kinds of openings - including entry-level jobs, summer opportunities, paid and unpaid internships and more. Each separated by the different job categories and majors.

Design Job Boards


behance job search

Behance is not just a place where graphic designers can show off their portfolios, the website also offers a handy Jobs section for all creatives.

Jobs there vary by location and design field (UX, UI, product designers, etc.) and when applying, you can simply upload your portfolio from your Behance profile, making the job application process ten times easier..


dribble job search

Dribble is another site similar to Behance, and like Behance, it also includes a jobs section for all designers.

You can use Dribble to find a mix of remote and in-house creative jobs all over the world, in all sorts of companies.

Marketer Job Boards

Public Relations Society 

pr job search

The PRSA website acts as a career center for everyone involved in corporate communications, media, PR, and other communication jobs.

Unlike many other professional groups, users don’t have to be a member of the organization to access the job listings. 

Everyone can directly apply to the listed positions via email without having to deal with a middleman and will be in touch directly with the recruiters.


blogger job search

ProBlogger, as the name implies, is a home for all sorts of writers (blogs, copy, social media, etc.).

In addition to the job listings, the site has a ton of resources for all things writing, applying to jobs safely, online courses, and more.


mediabistro job search

MediaBistro is a place to learn, build, and grow your media career.

They offer courses, job openings, freelancing opportunities, and more.

If you work in media or online advertising, chances are, you’re going to find something useful there one way or another.


creative job search

TalentZoo is a job search site for mostly creative roles, including advertising, marketing, design and creative, and other online tech jobs.

All you have to do is type in your What (job role), and Where (location) to see a list of openings - it’s that simple.

Remote Job Boards


workew remotely job search

Workew is a digital nomad’s dream job search site.

You can use the website to find all sorts of remote jobs - mostly in startups and SMBs.

Categories include marketing, development, UX and design, sales, writing, and much, much more.


weworkremotely job search

WeWorkRemotely is the world’s largest remote work community website and one of the best places to find remote work.

The website offers remote positions for most fields, including:

  • Software Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Customer Support
  • And more!

HubStaff Talent

hubstaff talent remote job search

HubStaff Talent is another free online job board for all things remote work.

For freelancers and companies alike, the site is a great resource that lists quality jobs all over the world.

It’s free to get started and has just about any type of job that can be done online.


virtual assistants job search

Virtual Assistants is a U.S. VA job board that has been helping people work from home since 1999.

They offer remote jobs that make it possible to work from home through contract work in all types of areas including customer service, telemarketing, transcription, and any other type of admin task.

Other Job Boards


Wellfound is the go-to place for startup jobs.

You can apply privately, see salary up-front, and communicate directly to the startup founders and recruiters posting the ads.


mashable job board

The Mashable Job Board is a job search site for all things digital talent.

This includes mostly online jobs including advertising, design, finance, IT, and so on - remote or otherwise.


salesgravy job search

SalesGravy is a job search site for all things, you guessed it - sales.

Though sales jobs aside, the website also features a ton of resources on sales trainings, courses, and any other sales skills you’ll need.


finance careers job search

EFinancialCareers lists jobs relating to the finance sector - including financing, banking, accounting, technology, and more.

You can create a profile and set up custom notification alerts, like with many job search sites. And you can also filter by region and browse their career advice section to help your job search.


jobs in sports

JobsInSport is the most up-to-date job board dedicated to sports.

They cover sports media, sales, management, and even more hands-on positions like coaching.


stay at home moms jobs

HireMyMom is a niche job board for stay-at-home moms or those taking a break from their careers.

The site primarily features jobs that can be done from home. So, roles like administrative assistant, writing, marketing, virtual assistants, and more.

Health eCareers

health careers

Health eCareers is a job board and organization for everyone working in the healthcare industry.

You can filter for medical jobs by profession and category, and start looking at listings by major healthcare partners and organizations that are recruiting through the website.


restaurant culinary job search

Culintro, last but not least, is a job board for the restaurant industry that lists high-end establishment positions like executive chefs, director of dining, and more.

They have a community of over 65,000 members who are passionate about the industry and the site also offers benefits such as industry networking events, blogs, and career advice within the niche.

Go Overseas

go overseas

Go Overseas is focused on working overseas with boards for jobs, internships and teaching positions.

Reach Out Directly

Confident you’re the right person for the company and that you have what it takes?

So what if they don’t have a job opening, that shouldn’t hold you back.

Instead, you can take control and reach out to them directly.

Right away, this shows you’re confident in your skills and that you’re not afraid to take charge.

For a lot of employers, this is a very good reason to hire you right away.

Here’s what you can do to stand out:

  • First, polish and tailor your resume to the specific company you’re contacting (here’s how to write a CV that gets noticed)
  • Then, using an email finder tool like Hunter, you want to find the contact information of the HR manager (or the CEO directly if they’re a small company)
  • Finally, write a killer motivational letter, introduce yourself, and explain why you’re the right person for the job.

The 3rd point (a killer email) is the most important part here.

You want to write an email that’s not spammy. After all, to land that job, you have to stand out from all the spam in the HR manager’s inbox.

Incorrect Example:

Hi! I found your company through LinkedIn and really like what you guys do. I think I’d make a great contribution to your team based on my experience and skills. I’m attaching my CV and motivational letter below. Looking forward to your response!

Here’s what’s wrong with that:

  • No personalization
  • Too direct
  • It doesn’t focus on the company enough

The verdict? Into the spam folder it goes!

Correct Example:

Hey Mike!!

My name’s Josh and I’m an SEO specialist. I found your job ad on [Insert Website.]

I’m a big fan of your blog, [Insert BlogName], so I was pretty happy to see that you’re hiring SEOs.

I’ve got 5+ years of experience with SEO, having taken 5+ websites to 200,000 - 500,000 monthly searches. My specialization is content creation and technical SEO, and my backlinking game is intermediate.

What do you think? 

I’m attaching my CV below but if you have any questions - feel free to get in touch.

Here’s what’s done right:

  • Proper introduction and how they found out about the company: “My name’s Josh and I’m an SEO specialist. I found your job ad on [Insert Website.]”
  • Specific information that shows they’ve done their research and it’s not an automated spam email: “I’m a big fan of your blog, BlogName, so I was pretty happy to see that you’re hiring SEOs.”
  • Explains how they can help and provides relevant achievements in the industry: “I’ve got 5+ years of experience with SEO, having taken 5+ websites to 200,000 - 500,000 monthly searches. My specialization is content creation and technical SEO, and my backlinking game is intermediate.”

The verdict? You’re probably getting an interview!

Another popular method of finding a job is through networking.

Here’s what you need to know about that.


For many people, networking sounds scary because, in their mind, it implies you have to show up at conferences and start bragging about your work.

If anything, that’s how you’re not supposed to network.

The right way, instead, is to be upfront about what you do and start letting your close friends and family members know about your work.

Simply let them know what you do, and ask if they would happen to know anyone who’s into that or recruiting.

At worst, they’re going to say no.

At best, they might know a friend of a friend connected to a recruiter looking for someone with your skills.

You lose nothing and if they’re a close friend of yours, they might even provide a direct recommendation!

LinkedIn Connections

We mentioned LinkedIn above, but it can be a really powerful platform if done right.

To excel at LinkedIn, here’s what you do:

  • First, fill in and optimize your profile to the fullest
  • Then, start adding industry leaders in your field. Engage with them and comment on their content.
  • Once people become familiar with your name, start creating thought-provoking and interesting posts to attract people to your profile.
  • Then, when you’re looking for a job, reach out to your network and ask if they know anyone hiring - if you’ve engaged with someone before, and they think you know your stuff, there’s a good chance they’ll help you out and refer you somewhere!

Though, if you really want to make a lasting impression in person, you can always just :

Show Up

See a company you like?

Go to their office, with your CV and cover letter ready, and ask if you could speak with a manager if they’re free.

Sounds scary?

Maybe. And that’s why almost nobody does this.

Simply by showing up, you’ll be guaranteed to stand out and have them thinking about you for the rest of the day.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain this way.

If they say they’re not recruiting at this point, your name is definitely going to come up when they do start recruiting for the role

Key Takeaways

All in all, depending on the type of job you’re looking for, there’s guaranteed to be a website dedicated to it.

For the most part, there are going to be a few ways you can find a job, including:

  • Conventional job search engines - these sites list just about any type of jobs and you can look for ones relevant to you by searching with the right keywords
  • Niche job boards - do you have a specific skill like writing blog posts while working remotely from home? This is where you look for industry-specific openings.

However, job boards aren’t the only places you can search for a job, you can also:

  • Reach out directly to a company you like, whether they have a job opening or not, introducing yourself and how you can help them out.
  • Network with the people around you and potentially land a word-of-mouth client through a referral
  • Use LinkedIn to get your name (and profile) in front of the relevant HR recruiters and keep up with their job posts
  • Or, finally, you can simply show up to the office of the company you like and see if you can chat with the manager. Whatever happens, you’re guaranteed to get on their radar and stand out from other candidates

Ready to start applying and have people talking about your CV?

Then you’d want to keep up with our career blog to read about all things on how to optimize and improve your job search process.

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