Always Go the Extra Mile [Insights On Applying For a Job At Hootsuite]

2017 October 25
4 min read

Getting Hired at Hootsuite

Throughout the years, I’ve always been careful when it came to endorsing jobs or employers. This because you rarely get the chance to thoroughly investigate what goes on behind the curtain, and let’s be frank, a job interview is too short, to begin with!

One of the places I always gave a thumbs up is Hootsuite, so I took the liberty of doing some research on how to get in and work for this organization. If you don’t know them by now, here’s who they are.

I’ve recently had the chance to meet some of the people working there, asked a few questions about their approach to work.

Agata Zasada, People Operations Director, talked me through the Hootsuite way of turning resumes and candidates into colleagues.

I will do my best to re-enact the whole discussion, but, I warn you, I am not a journalist and will be biased.

Always go the extra mile and do your fact checking. This was in fact what Agata also had in mind when it came to a successful job application. Let’s take a look!

Hootsuite’s  Employer Focus

As I listened, it all came down to core values, authentically put to work in everything they do. Agata gave me some excellent examples on how they strive to achieve diversity, especially on the tech teams.

For instance, they’re supporting women as software engineers, and benefit from the rise in numbers of ladies studying or working in this field. Having grown at a rapid pace in a short span of time, they also had to balance individuals and teams.

#HootSuiteLife might look fun and laid back, but all of the hard work that is being put into it speaks tons about their passion and perseverance. They’re sharing content about their offices and work, so be sure to read the blog.

Friendly advice: Agata talked about how nearly every month they receive tens of thousands of applicant, so you’d want to make yours stand out! I got a vibe that less formal and more personal is the way to go.

She remembered on various accounts on how she was impressed with candidates addressing covers letters directly to a hiring manager, or put in some effort and explained how their experience matched the job requirements. I guess all of these reflect on how Hootsuite remains social and open.

How Does Hootsuite Find You?

You’d imagine there’s no need to reach out to candidates when having where to pick from. Well, Agata spoke about the early times, when they did their best to hire, and couldn’t find the right candidates.

They were open and honest about mistakes being made, but the takeaways helped to invest in future colleagues from early on. They do support high school and college learning, applied to what Hootsuite develops, and are encouraging internships for most of their teams.

I do know that the bar is set pretty high for interns at the Bucharest office, I’d love to hear about your experience with their other offices! Being active and contributing to your field of work will for sure get you noticed, so don’t remain silent, and share!

Hires were made by word of mouth, “I know a friend” type of referral. Nowadays this still works, so I guess it all comes down to carefully listening to the voices of the Hootsuite people.

It might strike you as elementary, but if you’ve read any of my recommendations before, you know how valuable planning your professional moves really is!

A  Two-way  Street - Interviewing With Hootsuite

Last but not least, I was curious about how Hootsuite talks to the job candidates. I asked about the way they make sure the right question is being asked, no matter who is asking, either someone from the recruiting team or the hiring manager. Two specific things for you to remember.

First of all: values - they’ll make sure to slip details about what the Hootsuite environment is all about, so I recommend you do some prior reading on what they hold in high regard.

From what Agata recounted, I appreciated them remaining consistent on discovering what makes you a potential colleague: each person you’ll meet has to abide by the guidelines of what to ask, and also take into account what you previously shared with those who interviewed you at Hootsuite.

Again, elementary, but trust me, efficient. Even she had to go by the book, and was pleasantly surprised on how the team holds everyone accountable.

Secondly: don’t be shy and ask away! I guess interviews get us so pumped up with saying and hearing only what suits us best, that there’s a tendency to overlook the game changers.

For example, Agata stressed that alongside growing teams came to the responsibility of people management. And some engineers being more into tangible work, dreaded the role of team manager.

Well, you’d better set your priorities and don’t focus only on here and now, take into account that you’ll be planning your career, and Hootsuite might ask you to step up to a new challenge at one point. Ask about their plan for you too.

I do hope this was useful. Be sure to check their career page, get your résumé up to date, and apply.