171+ Achievements to List On Your Resume [In 2024]

26 January
18 min read
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Listing achievements is what sets the top candidates apart from the crowd.

See, most job-seekers only talk about their previous responsibilities and day-to-day tasks on their resume.

But that’s not enough to make you stand out.

The hiring manager knows exactly what responsibilities your profession includes. After all, they’re the ones who wrote the job description!

So if you want to get ahead of the competition, you should talk about your professional achievements instead.

Your achievements speak volumes about your skills and potential, and they can make your resume stand out.

This guide will cover:

  • How to List Achievements on Your Resume (and Get the Job!)
  • Where to Mention Your Achievements
  • 171+ Achievements You Can Use (covering 55+ professions!)

Let’s get started!

Achievements on Your Resume

So, why are achievements so important on your resume?

Just compare these two examples:

  • Contributed to the number of sales. 
  • Hit and exceeded department KPIs by 20% for 5 months in a row.

See the difference?

The first example doesn’t say much about the candidate at all. If you worked in sales, it’s already pretty obvious you did sales, and it doesn’t specify how you contributed. You could have barely met your KPIs or outperformed the whole department, and the hiring manager will never know.

But the second example shows exactly what you bring to the table. Saying you managed to hit KPIs is good, and exceeding them is even greater. By also adding the short timeframe, the hiring manager can see you’re a top performer and might prefer you as a candidate.

Where Do I List My Achievements?

Ideally, your achievements should be mentioned in several sections across your resume.

List them in these sections:

  • Resume summary
  • Work experience
  • Optional sections

Listing accomplishments in your work experience section is the most common way to go.

Just add them in separate bullet points, the same way you would list your responsibilities. 

Here’s an example:

achievements listed on resume

The next place we recommend including achievements is your resume summary.

This summary of your career sits at the top of your resume, right next to your contact information and job title. Here’s an example:

achievements listed in the resume summary

This section is an introduction to the rest of your resume, and it’s the first thing the hiring manager is going to read, so you want to make sure it grabs their attention.

The average resume summary goes like this:

Resume Summary Without Achievements:
  • Experienced project manager with 5+ years of work experience seeking a position at Company X. Previous experience includes working at Company Y, developing software for clients such as Client A and Client B.

This summary example is, at best, okay. All it says is that you’ve worked as a project manager across two companies within the past five years.

Newsflash: So have all the other candidates.

There’s nothing in that resume summary that makes you stand out.

But here’s what happens if you add an achievement or two:

Resume Summary With Achievements:
  • Experienced project manager with 5+ years of work experience seeking a position at Company X. Managed cross-department teams of 15+ people. Successfully spearheaded the development of several software projects, including Project A and Project B.

Other sections on your resume where your achievements can make an appearance include:

How to List Achievements (the Right Way)

Just like with everything else, there’s a right and wrong way to list achievements.

See, the more details you add to them, the more you’ll stand out.

Let’s compare these two examples:

  • Improved product sales by 12%, which led to a 20% increase in annual revenue.
  • Significantly improved sales.

In the first example, “significantly” doesn’t say much. You could’ve improved sales by selling one extra product, or you could have lifted company revenue by 10%.

The hiring manager has no way of knowing what the impact of your work was! This is why backing up your achievements with data is important.

Whenever possible, each of your achievements should include:

#1. Timeframe

The timeframe of your achievement provides the hiring manager with context. Achieving something over a weekend is more significant than achieving the same thing over several months.

Adding a timeframe can also highlight your time management skills and ability to prioritize tasks, as well as set benchmarks for future performance.

Ask yourself these questions to figure out the timeframe of your achievements:

  • How long did it take you to complete the task?
    • (E.g.: Resolved a major client's technical issue in under 12 hours, exceeding the 48-hour expectation.)
  • Over what time did you work on the task?
    • (E.g.: Increased customer satisfaction rate within three months of employment at Company X.)
  • How many times per day, week, or month did you work on this task?
    • (E.g.: Talked to 50+ customers daily.)

#2. Scale

Adding the scale of your achievements demonstrates the impact and reach of your work.

You can measure the scale of your success through different factors, like the number of people affected or the financial impact. This data backs up your credibility and helps future employers see the value and expertise you can bring to their company.

Here are some questions to measure the scale of your achievements with:

  • How many people did you manage or work with?
    • (E.g.: Managed a team of six to create award-winning ad campaigns for Company X.)
  • How big was the budget?
    • (E.g. Successfully carried out X marketing campaign, going under the designated budget of Y USD.)
  • How many clients or customers did you work with?
    • (E.g.: Managed campaigns of 5+ SaaS clients in the fin-tech industry.)

#3. Results

Of course, the results of your achievements show the effectiveness of your efforts.

Specific results, like percentage increases in sales or customer satisfaction ratings, give the hiring manager tangible evidence of your skills and success and make you a more appealing candidate. (E.g.: “Delivered a 1.8x ROI on a total ad spend of $22,000”.)

By backing up your achievements with clear outcomes, you’re giving potential employers an idea of how you can contribute to their team. This approach makes your resume stand out by showcasing what you've done, how well you've done it, and the positive impact you've made.

What If I Don’t Have the Data?

This is one of the most common questions among job-seekers.

Unless you were actively keeping track of your results at your job, you probably don’t know much about the impact your work had or what your greatest accomplishment was.

The solution here is pretty straightforward: just reach out to your previous employer and ask for the data. They should be more than happy to send it over!

Moving forward, though, we’d recommend keeping track of your results and achievements in your next job. This also makes it easier to answer interview questions down the line.

You’ll thank us for it later!

What if My Job Isn’t Achievement-Oriented?

If your previous roles weren't achievement-oriented, you might have trouble listing accomplishments.

What you can do instead is focus on the times when you contributed to the workplace.

Think about instances where you helped your team, improved a process, or were recognized for your work. Take the opportunity to show off your soft skills, like problem-solving and teamwork.

The same approach can be applied to your personal projects or volunteer work. Just highlight relevant skills that helped you succeed instead of giving a generic description of what you did.

Achievements can be about growth and impact, not just numbers. So long as you align your past experiences with the job you want, you can show the hiring manager how you can be a valuable addition to their team.

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How to List Achievements as a Student

If you’re a student or a recent graduate, you probably don’t have that much work experience, so you can’t exactly list a lot of achievements on your resume.

But what you can do is list your achievements in several other sections, such as:

  • Education. Your achievements during your time at university can make you stand out from candidates with a similar education and no professional experience.
    • (E.g.: “Maintained a 3.8 GPA while working and studying full-time.”)
  • Projects. Any type of project you’ve worked on can come with noteworthy achievements, like the marketing strategy you created for a class.
    • (E.g.: “Created a marketing strategy for Company X as part of my Marketing 101 course and was rewarded at the top of the class.”)
  • Volunteer Experience.
    • (E.g.: “Taught elementary mathematics as a volunteer at Saint Jude’s orphanage and improved student performance by 60% over one semester.”)

Writing a resume for your first job? Check out our detailed article for tailored advice!

171+ Achievements You Can Steal (For Every Profession)

Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered.

Here are 171 achievements across different professions that you can use:

Sales and Customer Service Achievement Examples

#1. Sales Associate Achievements

  • Cold-called 20+ potential clients daily, with a closing rate of 10% to 20%.
  • Hit and exceeded sales KPIs by 30% for October, November, and December in 2023.
  • Sent 200+ cold emails daily, managing to set up calls with 10% of the recipients.

For more examples, check out our sales associate resume example and full guide.

#2. Customer Service Representative Achievements

  • Maintained a customer satisfaction rate of 95% for the entire duration of employment.
  • Solved 40 - 50 tickets daily.
  • Carried out retention calls with unsatisfied customers, convincing 20% of them to keep using the software.

For more examples, check out our customer service resume example and full guide.

#3. Cashier Achievements

  • Trained and supervised five other cashiers over two years at Company X.
  • Received ‘Employee of the Month’ award for consistently providing excellent service in June, August, and December.
  • Achieved highest up-sell rates in 2022 (1.9%) and 2023 (2.6%).

For more examples, check out our cashier resume example and full guide.

#4. Retail Manager Achievements

  • Boosted store sales by 15% over six months through strategic merchandising and upselling techniques.
  • Led a team of 10 sales associates to achieve the highest regional sales record for two consecutive quarters.
  • Designed and implemented a customer loyalty program that increased repeat customer visits by 25%.

For more examples, check out our retail manager resume example and full guide.

#5. Barista Achievements

  • Developed a new coffee blend that became the store's top-selling product within three months of introduction.
  • Trained and supervised a team of four new baristas, improving overall team efficiency and service quality.
  • Implemented a streamlined order processing system that reduced average customer wait time by 30%.

For more examples, check out our barista resume example and full guide.

#6. Server and Waiter Achievements

  • Successfully upsold menu items, contributing to a 10% increase in average bill value over six months.
  • Efficiently managed high-volume shifts, serving up to 50 tables per night with consistent positive feedback.
  • Maintained a 98% customer satisfaction rating over a year, based on direct feedback and online reviews.

For more examples, check out our server resume example and a full guide to writing a waiter resume.

#7. Receptionist Achievements

  • Coordinated over 200 appointments weekly, maintaining a 99% accuracy rate in scheduling and client communications.
  • Managed a multi-line phone system, handling over 100 calls daily with exceptional service quality.
  • Recognized for perfect attendance and punctuality for two consecutive years, ensuring consistent front desk coverage.

For more examples, check out our receptionist resume example and full guide.

#8. Food and Beverage Management Achievements

  • Increased bar revenue by 20% by redesigning the cocktail menu and adding several new options.
  • Reduced food waste by 40% by implementing an efficient inventory management system and staff training programs.
  • Worked with an external marketing agency to run ads for the venue, resulting in a 25% increase in annual revenue.

For more examples, check out our bar manager resume example and full guide.

Administrative and HR Achievement Examples

#9. Recruiter Achievements

  • Filled 100% of open positions within the targeted timeline over 12 months, enhancing organizational efficiency.
  • Reduced the average time-to-hire by 20 days through streamlining the recruitment process.
  • Managed data integrity within the applicant tracking system, ensuring timely entry and visibility of recruitment activity within ATS/CRM technologies.

For more examples, check out our recruiter resume example and full guide.

#10. Human Resources Specialist Achievements

  • Led a company-wide employee engagement program that resulted in a 30% increase in employee satisfaction scores.
  • Negotiated with benefits providers to enhance employee packages, achieving a 10% cost reduction while improving benefits.
  • Developed and facilitated a leadership training program, contributing to a 25% improvement in management effectiveness.

For more examples, check out our human resources resume example and full guide.

#11. Office Manager Achievements

  • Reached out to and made deals with new office supply providers, cutting annual supply costs by 20%.
  • Coordinated the setup of a remote working infrastructure, maintaining productivity during a transition to remote work.
  • Implemented a new document management system that improved filing efficiency by 35%.

For more examples, check out our office manager resume example and full guide.

#12. Administrative Assistant Achievements

  • Managed scheduling and logistics for a series of successful board meetings and company events.
  • Streamlined travel arrangements and accommodations for executives, enhancing travel efficiency and comfort.
  • Communicated with 20+ company partners and clients daily, and assisted in onboarding 14 employees during time at Company X.

For more examples, check out our administrative assistant resume example and full guide.

#13. Data Entry Achievements

  • Increased data processing speed by 30% through the implementation of keyboard shortcuts and efficiency software.
  • Identified and corrected a critical systematic error in the data entry, preventing potential data loss.
  • Completed a large-scale data migration project two weeks ahead of the scheduled deadline.

For more examples, check out our data entry resume example and full guide.

Finance Achievement Examples

#14. Accountant Achievements

  • Managed an annual budget of $400,000 for seven years.
  • Identified tax savings opportunities that resulted in a 15% reduction in overall tax liabilities for the year.
  • Worked with a team of three accountants, creating financial reports for all company activities across all departments.

For more examples, check out our accountant resume example and full guide.

#15. Financial Analyst Achievements

  • Developed a financial model that predicted market trends with 90% accuracy, contributing to a 15% increase in investment returns.
  • Streamlined reporting processes, reducing the time spent on monthly financial reports by 30%.
  • Conducted a comprehensive risk analysis that led to a portfolio adjustment, safeguarding against a market downturn.

For more examples, check out our financial analyst resume example and full guide.

#16. Bank Teller Achievements

  • Recognized for outstanding customer service, receiving a 95% positive rating in customer feedback surveys.
  • Implemented a new cash handling procedure that reduced end-of-day balancing errors by 40%.
  • Helped onboard three new bank tellers, bringing them up to speed with the bank’s rules and policies.

For more examples, check out our bank teller resume example and full guide.

#17. Banker Achievements

  • Managed a loan portfolio of $10 million, maintaining a default rate of less than 1%.
  • Developed and maintained relationships with 50+ high-value clients, leading to a 25% increase in client assets managed.
  • Successfully negotiated and closed 15 high-value commercial loans, contributing significantly to branch revenue.

For more examples, check out our banker resume example and full guide.

Business Achievement Examples

#18. Branch Manager Achievements

  • Achieved the highest employee retention rate across the region through effective management and staff development programs.
  • Participated in community affairs to increase branch visibility and create new and enhanced existing business opportunities, increasing annual revenue by 20%.
  • Provided a superior level of customer relations and promoted the sales and service culture through coaching, guidance, and staff motivation.

#19. Data Analyst Achievements

  • Conducted a data-driven market analysis that informed the development of two new successful product lines.
  • Played a pivotal role in a data migration project, ensuring a smooth transition with no data loss.
  • Developed a predictive model that reduced forecasting errors by 25%, significantly improving business planning.

For more examples, check out our data analyst resume example and full guide.

#20. Business Development Manager Achievements

  • Established new key partnerships with Company X and Company Y, resulting in a 20% increase in annual revenue.
  • Secured ten new client accounts within a year, exceeding the target by 25%.
  • Started a partnership program, kick-starting work with four implementation partners in Europe.

For more examples, check out our business development manager resume example and full guide.

#21. Project Manager Achievements

  • Led the digital transformation project, adopting software to help with marketing, accounting, and HR duties at Company X.
  • Successfully completed six projects from start to finish, generating a total of $600,000 in revenue over the past five years.
  • Functioned as a single point of contact for 15+ clients, answering all their requests and questions on time.

For more examples, check out our project manager resume example and full guide.

Marketing and Advertising Achievement Examples

#22. Marketing Executive Achievements

  • Led the successful launch of a new product line, resulting in the acquisition of over 500 new customers in the first quarter.
  • Developed a digital marketing strategy that resulted in a 40% increase in online engagement.
  • Oversaw a team of 20 marketing professionals, fostering a collaborative environment that boosted team productivity.

For more examples, check out our marketing executive resume example and full guide.

#23. Marketing Manager Achievements

  • Revamped Company X’s social media accounts, improving user engagement by over 60% on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Expanded the marketing team from 5 to 15 members, enhancing the department's capabilities and output.
  • Led Facebook ad lead generation campaigns, driving 20+ leads for the sales team monthly, at a $2.7 CPC and $9 CPA.

For more examples, check out our marketing manager resume example and full guide.

#24. Media Buying Specialist Achievements

  • Negotiated with media vendors to secure prime advertising slots within a monthly ad budget of $20,000.
  • Maintained an ad spend ROI of 1.8 for Company X’s ad campaigns over the past three months.
  • Reduced Company X’s Search Ads average CPC while maintaining the same conversion rate, saving $2k in monthly ad spend.

#25. SEO Specialist Achievements

  • Fully managed Company X’s SEO and conducted comprehensive keyword research for over 500 terms, optimizing content for diverse audience segments.
  • Increased Company X’s monthly organic traffic from 0 to 200,000 within two years.
  • Led a team of four freelance writers, creating and publishing 10+ SEO content pieces every month with around 70% currently ranking on page 1 of Google.

IT and Software Development Achievement Examples

#26. IT Specialist Achievements

  • Successfully managed the IT setup for a new office location, ensuring seamless network and system integration for 100+ users.
  • Led the upgrade of an enterprise-level software system, improving system efficiency and user satisfaction.
  • Consulted in the redesign of a company’s website, resulting in a 25% increase in traffic.

For more examples, check out our IT resume example and full guide.

#27. Software Engineer Achievements

  • Led and managed a team of six in developing new financial management software and delivered the product two weeks ahead of schedule
  • Developed a new application feature that increased user engagement by 30%.
  • Created, maintained, and monitored the entire cloud infrastructure of Company X, while working on 20+ microservices for 5 clients.

For more examples, check out our software engineer resume example and full guide.

#28. Cyber Security Achievements

  • Designed and enforced a new security protocol, reducing system vulnerabilities by 50%.
  • Conducted regular security audits, identifying and mitigating risks effectively.
  • Played a key role in responding to and resolving a major security breach, minimizing data loss and downtime.

#29. Web Developer Achievements

  • Built a responsive e-commerce website that increased the client's sales conversion rate by 20%.
  • Revamped a major website, improving load time by 60% and enhancing user experience.
  • Integrated advanced features into a web platform, such as a custom CMS and interactive user interfaces.

For more examples, check out our web developer resume example and full guide.

#30. Computer Scientist Achievements

  • Published a research paper on machine learning algorithms in a renowned tech journal.
  • Developed an innovative algorithm that improved data processing speeds by 25%.
  • Created an educational program that introduced computer science fundamentals to over 200 high school students.

For more examples, check out our computer scientist resume example and full guide.

#31. DevOps Engineer Achievements

  • Streamlined the deployment process, reducing deployment time by 50%.
  • Implemented a continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline, improving code quality and deployment frequency.
  • Automated various infrastructure tasks, saving 20 hours of manual work per week.

For more examples, check out our DevOps engineer resume example and full guide.

#32. AI Engineer Achievements

  • Designed and implemented an AI model that improved prediction accuracy by 35% for a financial forecasting tool.
  • Contributed to the development of an AI-driven chatbot, enhancing customer service interactions and reducing response time.
  • Conducted AI research that led to the development of two patented machine-learning technologies.

For more examples, check out our AI engineer resume example and full guide.

#33. Java Developer Achievements

  • Developed a Java-based server application that handled 10,000+ concurrent users.
  • Optimized existing Java code, improving system performance and scalability.
  • Contributed to a Java open-source project, with several suggestions and improvements being integrated into the next release.

For more examples, check out our Java developer resume example and full guide.

Health and Medicine Achievement Examples

#34. Nurse Achievements

  • Managed care for a diverse patient population, consistently receiving high satisfaction ratings from patients.
  • Implemented a health education program that improved patient outcomes and reduced hospital readmission rates.
  • Reduced emergency room visits by 30% for a panel of 200 patients through effective management of chronic diseases and patient education.

For more examples, check out our nurse resume example and full guide.

#35. Medical Assistant Achievements

  • Streamlined patient intake procedures, reducing average wait times by 15 minutes.
  • Assisted in over 1,000 successful patient examinations and treatments, maintaining high standards of care.
  • Conducted and analyzed over 500 laboratory tests, playing a critical role in patient diagnosis and treatment plans.

For more examples, check out our medical assistant resume example and full guide.

#36. Dentist Achievements

  • Successfully performed over 200 complex dental procedures with a 98% success rate.
  • Introduced a new dental health initiative that increased patient retention by 25%.
  • Led a dental outreach program that provided free services to over 300 underserved individuals in the community.

For more examples, check out our dentist resume example and full guide.

#37. Pharmacist Achievements

  • Managed pharmaceutical inventory for a high-volume pharmacy, maintaining optimal stock levels and reducing waste.
  • Enhanced prescription accuracy by implementing a new verification system, resulting in a 40% reduction in dispensing errors.
  • Developed a medication management plan that improved patient adherence and reduced medication errors.

For more examples, check out our pharmacist resume example and full guide.

Creative Achievement Examples

#38. Graphic Designer Achievements

  • Designed a marketing campaign that increased client engagement by 50%.
  • Created over 100 graphic designs for various clients, maintaining a 95% client satisfaction rate.
  • Revamped a major brand's visual identity, leading to a 30% increase in their social media following.

For more examples, check out our graphic designer resume example and full guide.

#39. Game Designer Achievements

  • Developed a game that received a 4.5/5 rating on major gaming platforms.
  • Led a design team to create a top-selling game, achieving over 500,000 downloads in the first month.
  • Implemented a user feedback system for a game that resulted in a 20% increase in player retention.

For more examples, check out our game designer resume example and full guide.

#40. Animator Achievements

  • Produced a 5-minute animation that gained over one million views on YouTube.
  • Worked on a popular TV show, contributing to animation that was nominated for an industry award.
  • Developed a series of animations that enhanced the user experience, leading to a 25% increase in app engagement.

For more examples, check out our animator resume example and full guide.

#41. Illustrator Achievements

  • Illustrated a children's book that sold over 10,000 copies within the first six months.
  • Created over 50 custom illustrations for various clients, resulting in a 100% project satisfaction rate.
  • Designed a series of illustrations for a website, increasing user engagement by 40%.

For more examples, check out our illustrator resume example and full guide.

#42. Photographer Achievements

  • Conducted over 30 photoshoots for major brands, with images featured in national advertising campaigns.
  • Sold 200+ prints in a solo photography exhibition.
  • Won a prestigious photography award for a series focusing on urban landscapes.

For more examples, check out our photographer resume example and full guide.

#43. Actor Achievements

  • Starred in a critically acclaimed theatre production that ran for over 100 shows.
  • Played a leading role in a film that grossed over $50 million worldwide.
  • Received the best actor award in a renowned film festival.

For more examples, check out our actor resume example and full guide.

#44. Writer Achievements

  • Authored a book that made the New York Times Best Seller list.
  • Wrote a series of articles that increased website traffic by 35%.
  • Scripted a short film that won an award at an international film festival.

For more examples, check out our writer resume and full guide.

#45. Editor Achievements

  • Edited a novel that became a bestseller and was critically acclaimed.
  • Led an editorial team that produced a magazine with a 20% increase in readership.
  • Managed the editing process for a website, resulting in a 30% reduction in content errors and inconsistencies.

For more examples, check out our editor's resume example and full guide.

Education Achievement Examples

#46. Professor Achievements

  • Published a research paper in a top-tier academic journal, contributing significant findings in the field.
  • Developed a new curriculum that was adopted by the department, enhancing course offerings and student learning outcomes.
  • Supervised 10+ graduate students, with several winning national awards for their research work.

For more examples, check out our academic CV example and full guide.

#47. Teacher Achievements

  • Increased student test scores in the class by 20% through innovative teaching methods.
  • Led the development and launch of a new interdisciplinary program that enhanced student engagement.
  • Organized a successful school-wide literacy event, boosting student participation in extracurricular reading activities.

For more examples, check out our teacher resume example and full guide.

#48. Tutor Achievements

  • Assisted over 50 students in improving their grades, with 90% achieving a 'B' grade or higher in tutored subjects.
  • Developed personalized learning plans that resulted in a 25% improvement in students' academic performance.
  • Specialized in SAT/ACT preparation, helping students increase their scores by an average of 150 points.

#49. College Student Achievements

  • Completed a successful internship with a major company, receiving a commendation for outstanding performance.
  • Led a university project team to win a national competition in the field of engineering.
  • Founded a campus club that grew to over 200 members, fostering community engagement and leadership skills.

For more examples, check out our college freshman resume example and full guide.

#50. High School Student Achievements

  • Maintained a 3.7 GPA while actively participating in three extracurricular clubs.
  • Organized a community service project that involved over 100 students and benefited local charities.
  • Won first place in a statewide science fair, receiving recognition for an innovative project.

For more examples, check out our high school resume example and full guide.

Other Achievement Examples

#51. Architect Achievements

  • Designed a sustainable residential complex that won a green architecture award.
  • Led the renovation of a historic building, receiving acclaim for preserving its original features while enhancing functionality.
  • Developed a cost-effective design solution that saved a project 15% in construction costs.

For more examples, check out our architect resume example and full guide.

#52. Engineer Resume Achievements

  • Innovated a new water filtration system, improving efficiency by 30% and receiving a patent.
  • Increased performance of the engineering team during a critical Q4 by 15%, to successfully meet end-of-year KPIs.
  • Took eight active building projects from research to development and completion in under two years.

For more examples, check out our engineer resume example and full guide.

#53. Interior Designer Achievements

  • Transformed a high-profile commercial space, resulting in a 40% increase in foot traffic for the client.
  • Won an industry award for an innovative residential interior design project.
  • Collaborated with architects to optimize living spaces in a residential complex, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

For more examples, check out our interior designer resume example and full guide.

#54. Construction Project Manager Achievements

  • Successfully managed a large-scale construction project, completing it 10% under budget and on schedule.
  • Implemented safety protocols that resulted in zero accidents throughout a two-year project.
  • Coordinated the work of 50+ subcontractors, ensuring efficient workflow and adherence to quality standards.

For more examples, check out our construction project manager resume example and full guide.

#55. Operations Manager Achievements

  • Streamlined company processes, leading to a 20% increase in overall operational efficiency.
  • Reduced operational costs by 15% through strategic planning and resource optimization.
  • Implemented a new inventory management system, improving stock turnover by 25%.

For more examples, check out our operations manager resume example and full guide.

#56. Event Planner Achievements

  • Organized a corporate conference for 500 attendees, receiving a 95% satisfaction rate in post-event surveys.
  • Successfully coordinated a charity gala that raised $200,000, exceeding the fundraising goal by 25%.
  • Managed a high-profile wedding event with a budget of $100,000, delivering a seamless experience that garnered industry recognition.

For more examples, check out our event planner resume example and full guide.

Key Takeaways

That’s all there is to adding achievements to your resume!

Now, let’s briefly recap what we talked about:

  • Listing achievements instead of just responsibilities can boost your chances of getting hired.
  • You can mention achievements in your resume summary and work experience section. If you don’t have a lot of work experience, you can also mention any achievements from your education, volunteering, or personal projects.
  • When listing your achievements, make sure they include a timeframe, scale, and results.
  • If you can’t think of any achievements, just scroll back up to get inspiration for any of the professions we gave examples for.

Want to get the most out of your career? Don’t forget to follow our career blog for some industry-leading career advice!