How to Improve Your Resume in 60 Seconds [Infographic]

2017 November 20
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Improve Your Resume in 60 Seconds 

Every person who has ever looked for a job knows the importance of resumes in the process of finding a job. And they also know the struggle - it’s never easy to create the perfect resume. 

The job hunting has become even more challenging nowadays when technology is a big part of the recruiting procedure. Artificial Intelligence, electronic scanning systems, modern recruiters with less time to read each application - all these factors have significantly changed the world of recruiting. 

1.  Mobile Devices Are in the Game

Even though most recruiters are still using desktop computers at work, you should always consider your application being read on a mobile device. If your typography is too small when seen on a tablet, for example, you automatically lose points. 

An important part of your resume is to show that you are looking at the future rather than the past - because after all, you want to learn and grow. Showcasing that you are aware of the mobile-first society can only enhance your application.

2.  Social Media is Half of Your Resume

These days, our lives are exposed to a very great extent. This is why, having a decent social media presence that displays you like the person and professional you would like recruiters to see, is essential. 

Your interests and preferences - the movies you like to watch and books you like to read, your favorite sports team - everything can be found on your social media profile. 

This is why you have to ensure your social accounts make you look competent, and they correspond the statements in your resume. Because honesty will always be appreciated. 

3.  Show, Don’t Tell

Easier said than easily done, right? Sometimes you might find it hard to showcase your project or skills visually in your resume. Managing to do it will pay back. 

A more convenient way to do it is by using an online resume builder which allows you to create an appealing resume with no design skills needed. 

4.  Shorter Time to Review Your Application

The digital age has also influenced the attention span of every person including recruiters. This doesn’t mean that they will not review your application for consideration, but it helps if your resume is short and to-the-point. 

Including specific resume keywords that you’ve carefully picked out from the job posting and even more carefully incorporated in your application. 

What other changes can improve your resume in only 60 seconds? Find out in the infographic below:

improve your resume example

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