How To Have A Successful Career - Professional Advice

2017 July 14
2 min read

Professional Advice for a Successful Career

We all want to be promoted and climb as much as possible in the hierarchy, to earn more money, to have excellent relationships with our superiors, colleagues and have a successful career.

The big problem is to choose the appropriate strategies and action methods in order to achieve our dream job. No doubt there are a lot of rules to follow for achieving what you want, and you have already read a few articles on how to have a successful career.

Here are the 9 pieces of advice that we think are the most relevant for having a successful career:

1. Genuine professionalism and mastery of the job. This is the primordial and irreplaceable condition. You can have the best intentions, irreproachable conduct, loyalty, but they are not enough if you are not competent in your work area.

2. Maintaining your health, body care and ensuring your optimal functional states of your body. Without a balance between the mental and the physical system, without maintaining a good health allowing engaging in prolonged efforts, you cannot get the expected performance in the workplace.

3. Proving your team working spirit. These days more than ever it turns out that not individualism contributes to success, but the mutual cohesion and achieved joint actions are driving to successful results.

4. Respect the superiors as well the colleagues. It is better to be responsive to the others demands and respond promptly to their requests. Show tact and diplomacy in your relations with everyone.

5. Having patience regarding promotions and wage increases.

6. Taking personal responsibility regarding all your actions. Prompt and honest recognition and public admitting your mistakes are a sign of maturity and respect for truth.

7. It is important to keep one's optimism as much as possible. Research shows that optimism can prevent depression, increase social connection, boost performance on the job, increase success, and make you more resilient in the face of setbacks.

8. Trying to avoid gossip, denigration of others and jealousy at the workplace. Those with such inclinations tend to create a tense work environment and conflicts. This can easily lead to being fired.

9. Intelligence and dedication to learning from mistakes. It is important to reveal the true reasons of failure and avoid them in the future. It is inevitable that there will be failures, interruption, but in front of each one should not react emotionally and trying to blame someone for the failure.

No doubt the number of rules to follow is much higher, but if you were to summarize them in short words, they are: showing professionalism, health, morality, motivation, and tenacity.

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