5 Practical Steps to Get a Promotion

27 July 2021
4 min read
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Have you been working at a job for over five years now and you are seriously desiring to rise through the ranks? Or you’re simply interested in the benefits that come with getting promoted to a higher role at your place of work?

Then this is the perfect read for you today!

In these five simple steps, we shall go through how to ask for a promotion from your boss without stepping on the wrong foot and of course still end up keeping your job or at the very least even getting compensated more than fairly for asking for that overdue promotion.

A promotion is one of those things which can, of course, make or break a career and therefore has to be approached with caution.

While thinking about asking for a promotion at your place of work, it is very normal for you to feel a little bit of anxiety as a result of a very high level of anticipation of your boss’ response.

What if they say no? What if you end up as a laughing stock? Or your boss is not intrigued by the idea at all? What happens then...? 

Although there is no definitive guideline for asking for a promotion at work, the steps listed below will go a long way in helping to make the process easier and less tricky.

5 Steps to Get a Promotion

1) Put a Lot of Thought Into It

As human beings, the majority of our decisions are taken after a lot of brain racking and very serious thinking has been done.

Needless to say, thoughtfulness is a constant precedence in human decision making, asking for a promotion is a serious part of this process.

It is particularly advisable to take a mental look at what you’re about to do and how it’s going to affect both you as a person and your job as an entity. 

2) Show How Ready You Are

Another way to finally ask for a promotion at work is to show that you’re capable of and how much you’re ready to take on the challenge of a higher position. 

This can mostly be done by bringing up your previous contributions to the workplace and how important those contributions were to the company.

Have you taken a new marketing degree? Or did you just complete an online certification course? Getting all your recent accomplishments out there while planning to ask for a promotion will definitely help to grease your cranked edges.

You should not only be prepared to ask for a promotion but should be prepared to show how ready you are to take on a new position of influence.

3) Perform a Concise Research

Before going ahead to ask for a promotion, it is very important to dedicate a certain amount of time and strength to research, both about the intended position and the process that ushers in workers into that certain position.

In most business organizations, the higher the position, the less number of people it takes to decide your fate, so there’s a very high probability that your rise through the ranks will either be made possible or hindered by one person on behalf of a larger board of directors.

Knowing all you need to know about all these processes even before you are anywhere near the promotion interviews gives you off as a very serious human being and sets off a let's get “ready to work” signal which will definitely impress any employer.  

4) Choose the Perfect Time

Timing is a very essential part of many life endeavors. Devoid of the appropriate timing, many decision we take as humans would be frowned upon or even hardly noticed by the rest of the world. 

Although, you should know that there is no perfect time to ask for a promotion at work, sometimes are a lot better than others.

The best time, therefore, depends on the peculiarity of different companies.

Although many people ask for a promotion at their yearly performance review which is quite brilliant for it is a great day to discuss career advancement and a person’s future with a particular company, the perfect time may not necessarily be a single day.

It could be a subtle accumulation of one thing or the other here and there all leading to the “D-day”, such that when you eventually ask, it is not necessarily done from a position of vulnerability and it does not hit your employer with too much of a surprise because by then, projected by your timing they are probably already considering you for one.

5) Always Make It More About the Company Than Yourself

One of the easiest ways for a person to sell themselves short is by getting too excited about the prospect of a promotion which in most cases will most probably be accompanied by a raise or by making their quest to move up the work ladder being about a reward for jobs well done rather than the willingness to contribute even more.

The moment a boss senses that you’re more interested in personal achievements than company achievements, they start rethinking your position with the company.

Therefore, the easiest way to usually get their good graces is to make the entire process about how you can help drive the company to greater heights without coming off as either overbearing or too humble that you begin to sound unsure.

You should be aware though that what is more appalling than a boastful employee is one who isn’t sure about what they want.      

With the above pointers, asking for that promotion I believe will become a whole lot easier as you will never be caught unawares or unprepared.

Although the most important factor in a business relationship especially between an employer and employee is VALUE and in order to be able to thrive in a place of business, you have to be adding value to the establishment in one form or the other.

Therefore, the best way to ensure that when you ask for that promotion you’re taken seriously is to ensure that the value added to the business through your personal contributions is something to write home about.

You shouldn’t waste any more time dear, kindly start working towards asking for that promotion today, you immensely deserve it.  

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