High School Resume - How-To Guide for 2020 [11+ Samples]

February 12
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High School Resume - Samples & How to Guide

How do you record your Work Experience when you have never had a job? Actually, making a High School Student resume with no experience is much easier than it sounds—if you brainstorm thoroughly and know some tips and tricks.

What Companies Expect to See on a High School Resume

Many high schoolers worry that they don’t have anything to put on their resumes. However, everyone cares about something and fills their time with at least one hobby, and so (unless you’ve been staring at the wall your entire life) everyone has something they can write about.

Almost any job that you’re applying for as a high schooler will understand that you probably don’t have a ton of work experience to write about. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t “wow” them!

If you’re in high school, the most important things that appear on your resume are probably going to be school-related. This means classes, activities, sports, and clubs, as well as academic achievements.

You might also have volunteer experience. Even tutoring a sibling or helping a neighbour can go on your resume. Think hard about what you’ve done with your life and don’t undersell yourself, and you’ll have a great resume in no time!

Read on to find out more, and don’t forget to take a look at our sample high school resume for inspiration!

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Contact Information to Include on a High School Resume

You probably have an email address and a cell phone, so those should be displayed in a prominent place on the page. Instead of putting your full address, as some other sources might advise, it’s now becoming common only to include your city and region since most people are no longer sending out snail mail.

Many people, including high schoolers, have websites, blogs, and social media accounts. If you have a link to something that you’re very proud of and want to show to potential employers, you should include it.

It might not relate directly to the job you’re looking for, but it can provide proof of other traits you write on your resume. Just make sure it is completely clean of anything you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see. 

For example, maybe you’re applying for fast food jobs—that doesn’t mean you can’t include your photography Instagram, which shows off the hard work you’ve put into learning to be a great photographer! However, if it includes photos of you and your friends at house parties, you may not want to give out a link.

Summary for a High School Resume

A resume summary replaces the older, outdated resume objective. Employers already know that you want their job, so instead it’s better to write an “elevator pitch” at the top of the page that will help your potential employer understand you as a person and remember what’s on your resume.

The summary should be a short paragraph of incomplete sentences, and it should always be tailored to the job you’re applying for.

High School Resume Summary - Good Example

Friendly and energetic honor-roll student with significant landscaping experience. Teamwork-oriented and reliable. Practiced babysitter able to adapt to working with people of all ages.

Wrong Example

High school student seeking a position with a growing fast-food company.

Sections for a High School Resume

Novorésumé has a ton of pre-formatted sections to include on your resume page, and when you don’t have any work experience, you should make sure to make use of them!

For example, include your Skills up towards the top to replace the more traditional focus on Work Experience—this is called a Functional Resume. Don’t forget your Academic Honors, Organizations that you’re a member of, Volunteer Work you’ve done, and Languages you speak (even if you’re just taking classes in Spanish).

Achievements for a High School Resume

Most people, when writing a resume, will list their primary job duties and what they did on a daily basis. Instead, it’s much more useful if you can come up with some accomplishments associated with each of your positions, and thereby prove the worth you brought to the company.

Since you probably don’t have a lot of Work Experience, you can include your Achievements as a separate section.

Good Examples of Achievements for a High School Resume

  • Auditioned for Orchestra and received the position of Concertmaster.
  • 3.8 GPA for multiple semesters.
  • National Honors Society Member.

Wrong Examples

  • Good Grades
  • First to class each day

Skills for a High School Students

Everyone is different and everyone has different strengths, but everyone has skills they can put on a resume—so be honest. Most of the skills you include will probably be Soft Skills, but you definitely have some Hard Skills too!

Here are some ideas for your brainstorming process. Remember to tailor your list of skills to the job that you want!

Hard Skills for a First Job

  • Microsoft Office
  • Math
  • Research
  • Technology
  • Computer Savvy
  • Languages
  • Typing Speed
  • Cooking
  • Graphic Design
  • WordPress
  • Google Drive

Soft Skills for a First Job

  • Communication
  • Verbal Communication
  • Written Communication
  • Public Speaking
  • Dependability
  • Teamwork
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Phone Etiquette
  • Social Media
  • Organization
  • Adaptability
  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Positive Attitude
  • Following Instructions
  • Punctuality
  • Creativity
  • Teaching
  • Scheduling
  • Time Management

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