4 Reasons Why a Europass CV is Not Ideal in 2024!

27 December 2023
4 min read
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The Europass CV is probably the most popular CV template format in Europe…

Which is exactly what makes it so ineffective.

By using the same exact format everyone else uses, you’re making sure that your CV blends right in with everyone else’s.

And if you want to land your plan A job, you want your CV to stand out, not blend in.

In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about the Europass CV, including:

  • 4 Reasons Why a Europass CV is not Ideal in 2024
  • Europass Alternative - Use a High-Powered Resume Builder
  • Europass CV: Pros and Cons

So, let’s dive right in!

4 Reasons Why a Europass CV is not Ideal in 2024

#1. Lack of Flexibility

The first reason why the Europass CV format isn’t optimal is that it leaves little room for individuality. On the contrary, it is routinely criticized for its poor aesthetic style and outdated content.

There’s no way to truly customize the Europass CV and make YOUR CV look different from anyone else’s. 

And yes, this matters for jobs in both creative and more conservative industries. While your resume shouldn’t be TOO creative, recruiters are more likely to pay attention to a CV that stands out from others.

On top of this, the Europass CV is way too popular. So far, it’s been used by over 38 million people throughout Europe. 

What this means is that every single recruiter has gotten dozens of Europass CVs for each role, with each CV being barely distinguishable from the rest.

So, if you want YOUR CV to stand out from the rest and be more likely to be seen by a recruiter, you’re better off with a different format.

#2. Waste of Valuable Space

Recruiters like to see material presented concisely, which is why a strong CV should make effective use of space. 

Well, the Europass CV fails big time on this front too as it doesn’t use white space effectively.

The Europass logo, as well as a "Curriculum Vitae" heading, are boldly displayed at the top of the CV. Not to mention that the logo, with its combination of typefaces and bright colors, would immediately turn off anyone with a feel for design. 

#3. Singe-Column Layout

As seen in the example above, the Europass CV format comes with a single-column layout.

This is a very inefficient way to use up CV space.

At the end of the day, most recruiters prefer CVs that are in the 1-to-3-page range, while a Europass CV can easily reach up to 10 pages with its ineffective layout.

So why is this exactly bad, you might ask?

Well, the average recruiter spends around 7 seconds screening your CV. If it doesn’t capture their attention in that timeframe, they’re simply going to move on to the next CV in their pile.

And of course, it’s very hard to catch someone’s attention with a long, 10-page document.

#4. Difficult CV Creation

In 2024, you’re probably used to online software that is very easy to use and comes with an amazing user experience.

Well, the Europass online CV creation tool is far from it.

You have to fill in forms for 30 minutes to an hour before you even get to see what the end-result CV is going to look like.

The CV builder itself does not give you any tips or tricks on how to write an effective CV, either. Unless you’re already an expert at CVs, you’ll have a very tough time building one with the Europass CV builder.

Europass Alternative: Use a High-Powered Resume Builder 

Think we’ve made our point:

The Europass CV is a very ineffective format and can be a detriment to your job search.

This raises a question: what’s a better way to create an effective CV or resume?

Well, here’s our answer: by using a free resume builder like Novorésumé.

Unlike the Europass CV builder, Novoresume is built for job-seekers in 2024 and comes with lots of amazing features, such as:

  • Modern UX & UI. The Novorésumé builder is created with modern UX and UI best practices in mind. It’s easy to use even if you’ve never built a resume in your life!
  • In-Built CV Advice. Our builder gives you resume tips and tricks as you build your CV in real-time.
  • 16 CV Templates to Choose From. Pick and customize from our 16 templates and make your resume truly yours!

Oh, and most importantly? Our resume templates look extremely slick:

cv examples

Are you having a tough time choosing the right template? Check out some of our listicles on the topic:

Europass CV: Pros & Cons

Europass CV was created with the best of intentions and has helped millions. Surely, no one can deny that it’s got its advantages. 

The only question is, do they outweigh the disadvantages? We've compiled a list of pros and cons for you to decide for yourself:

  • Europass CV has helped a lot of people create CVs since its launch in 2012. The format is frequently recommended by EU institutions, which makes it a great choice if you’re applying to any EU university. 
  • The idea behind creating Europass CV was community-focused: to support professional growth by offering standard job-search criteria. The Europass CV template enables you to complete your professional profile in minute detail, giving you an option to upload documents like certificates, letters of recommendation, etc.
  • In 2024, you’re not required to use Europass CV for the vast majority of job applications, even in Europe. So, unless your employer explicitly requires so, we advise against using this format due to its outdated design, lack of effective use of white space, single-column layout, and other reasons we covered in this article.
  • With so many better options out there, the Europass format is simply outdated.
  • The Europass format is overused by jobseekers around Europe. As such, it doesn’t help your resume to stand out from others.

Europass CV FAQ 

Do you still have some questions about the Europass CV format? Our answers to the most frequently asked questions will probably resolve them:

Q — 

#1. What is a Europass Format CV? 

The Europass CV is the most popular CV format in Europe. You can use it to create a standardized CV that employers in Europe are familiar with. The Europass CV website is available in 29 different languages.

Q — 

#2. Can I Download Europass CV in Word? 

Yes. Europass CV templates are free to use and customize in Microsoft Word. The CV format can be used both on Mac and PC.

Q — 

#3. Is the Europass CV Free? 

Yes, Europass is funded by Erasmus+ and is totally free.

Q — 

#4. Is Europass CV Outdated? 

Absolutely! The Europass CV templates, while popular a few years back, are no longer preferred by recruiters. They’re too long, uninspired, and generic.

Key Takeaways 

By now, you should know that the Europass CV format isn't the best choice in 2024. Let us quickly recap why we think that:

  • Even though Europass has been built with the best of intentions, its standardized template prevents applicants from creating a personalized, uniquely-tailored resume.
  • On average, recruiters spend 7 seconds evaluating a single CV. If they don’t spot anything interesting, they’re going to move on to the next CV on the list. And if your Europass CV is 8+ pages long, chances are, it’ll get skipped over.
  • Finally, there are much, much better alternatives to Europass out there, all of which offer a much better CV creation experience!