Engineering Resume [2019] - Example & Full Guide

April 24
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Engineering Resume - Samples & How to Guide

There is an unimaginable number of types of engineers, but they’re all necessary to keep our technologically advanced world running smoothly.

At the most basic level, an engineer analyzes, develops, and evaluates technology, whether that’s bridges or smartphones.

Often, they use Computer Aided Design to create plans and then manage a team that carries out those plans—meaning they need a variety of soft skills as well as technical ones.

If that’s where your career is headed, read on to find out more about writing an Engineering resume!

We’ll go over valuable tips, whether you’re writing a Mechanical Engineering resume, an Electrical Engineering resume, a Civil Engineering resume, a Software Engineering Resume, a Chemical Engineering resume, or even an entry-level Engineering resume!

Following you can see a sample engineering resume for your reference!

Engineering Resume sample

What Companies Expect to See on an Engineering Resume

At the very least, an Engineer needs a Bachelor’s in Engineering or a closely related field. Some employers would prefer candidates with advanced degrees, but a Master’s or a Ph.D. is not always necessary.

Find out what kind of license you need to work as an Engineer in your area and, assuming you have the right one, make sure that this qualification is visible on your resume in a dedicated “Certifications” section. If you have multiple, don’t be afraid to show off them all!

Emphasize your relevant work experience, whether that’s as an Engineer or in some other technical or teamwork-heavy field. If you don’t have any professional experience, get online and do some jobs as a freelance Engineer.

You might not make bank, but you will have some solid professional experience to put on your resume! You can also make sure to emphasize your education by including a short list of some of the key courses you took as well as your (high!) GPA.

Interests, conferences you’ve attended, and volunteer work can also be relevant on an Engineering resume. Just make sure you can justify each inclusion!

For example, working with the Robotics team in high school might show your early technical prowess as well as your teamwork skills, but maybe you can skip including your single season on the swim team.

Contact Information to Include on an Engineering Resume

It used to be common to put your full address on a resume, but email has replaced snail mail so only your city and region are necessary.

As an Engineer, it may be smart to create an online portfolio that you can show to potential employers who want more information than your resume provides. Make sure you include a link to that on your resume, as well as any other related social media (like maybe LinkedIn).

Summary for an Engineering Resume

Resume summaries appear at the top of your resume, with your name and contact information, and give potential employers a quick “elevator pitch” about who you are and what you do.

Unlike a resume objective, you aren’t writing about the position you want, but rather your traits as a person and as a professional.

Good Engineering Summary Resume Example

Experienced, organized Mechanical Engineer with a background in project management as well as training in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. In possession of strong communication and leadership skills due to professional experience as a worker and manager in the elevator installation field.


I am a Mechanical Engineer seeking employment with Millson, Inc. because I want to reach my dreams of becoming a Mechanical Engineer. I have a Master’s in Engineering and I was a TA in some engineering classes, so I know what I’m doing!

Achievements for an Engineering Resume

When writing descriptive bullet-points underneath your work experience entries, make sure to focus on your achievements rather than writing a simple list of duties and responsibilities. If you can, make sure to use numbers and statistics!

Good Examples of Achievements for an Engineering Resume

  • Spearheaded the Smartphone Manufacturing initiative
  • Performed Computer-Aided Design for a set of various types of cooking knives
  • Consistently met company’s needs at 15% under budget
  • Completed a six-month internship with Westinghouse
  • Implemented Kanban system for project management


  • Made blueprints
  • Designed a smartphone
  • Led people
  • Saved money

Skills for an Engineering Resume

Despite being an extremely technical job, Engineering positions require practiced soft skills as well. Often, Engineers will be communicating with and leading others, so reach back into your history and figure out what people skills you’ve developed throughout your career.

Hard Skills for an Engineering Resume

  • Math
  • Mechanical skills
  • Project management
  • Troubleshooting
  • Prototyping
  • Workflow development
  • Computer skills
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes
  • Knowledge of applicable laws

Soft Skills for an Engineering Resume

  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Listening skills
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Leadership
  • Analytical thinking
  • Prioritization
  • Time management

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