CV Examples & Guides for All Jobs [75+ Examples for 2024]

27 December 2023
11 min read
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Struggling to create an effective CV?

We don’t blame you!

With the job market being as competitive as ever, you need to make your CV really good if you want to stand out.

To help you out, we compiled a list of 75+ effective CV examples to inspire you!

Let’s dive in! 

11+ CV Examples

#1. AI Engineering CV Example

cv example

Here’s what this AI Engineering CV does right: 

  • Lists achievements and responsibilities. A good work experience section is a mix between work achievements and responsibilities, and this candidate includes both. 
  • Separates technical skills. For an AI engineer, technical skills are everything, which is why this CV dedicates them separate space. 
  • Leverages optional sections. Optional sections like “Certificates” and “Personal Projects” are great for any candidate to show more about their work and who they are.

#2. Administrative Assistant CV Example

best cv example

Here’s what this administrative assistant CV does right: 

  • Grabs attention with a resume summary. Done right, a resume summary will hook hiring managers and get them to read the rest of a CV in more detail. 
  • Keeps the education section brief. For someone with extensive professional experience, the education section shouldn’t take more than a few lines in a CV. 
  • Uses the reverse-chronological format. This CV example stays relevant by showing the candidate’s most recent work experience and achievements up-top.

#3. Bartender CV Example

european cv example

Here’s what this bartender CV does right: 

  • Highlights language skills. Bartenders get to meet all kinds of people, which is why this CV example makes sure to show the candidate is well-versed in three languages. 
  • Includes all relevant contact information. In addition to the full name and professional email, this CV also includes the candidate's Instagram and LinkedIn accounts. 
  • Mentions hobbies and interests. Hobbies and interests can help the candidate show a more personal side of themselves, which is why they’re a nice addition to have if there’s enough space on the CV. 

#4. Bookkeeper CV Example

simple cv example

Here’s what this bookkeeper CV example does right:

  • Details computer skills. About 92% of jobs require digital skills today, which is why the candidate in this example breaks down their computer skills in detail. 
  • Lists notable achievements. By listing their key achievements separately, the hiring manager won’t have to look too hard to understand why the candidate is the right fit for the job. 
  • Includes a LinkedIn profile. A LinkedIn profile can be a great way for hiring managers to get to know candidates better, in case they wish to. Just make sure to update yours before you include it on your CV. 

#5. Consultant CV Example

curriculum vitae example

Here’s what this consultant CV does right: 

  • Keeps it under one page. In most cases, a CV shouldn’t go over one page. This CV example uses space effectively and keeps it within the right limits. 
  • Visualizes language proficiency. Saying you speak a language is good, but showing your proficiency is better. This example even visualizes, making it easier for the hiring manager to skim through the information. 
  • Leverages a modern template. By taking advantage of a modern and professional template, this candidate doesn’t spend time and effort working on their CV design and layout. 

#6. Engineering CV Example

Engineering CV Example

Here’s what this engineering CV does right:

  • Separates soft skills from technical skills. Separating soft skills from technical skills makes it easier for the hiring manager to skim through the CV. 
  • Features a memorable CV summary. This CV summary includes relevant information such as the candidate’s years of experience, their top skills, and their areas of expertise. 
  • Adds value through a “Certificates” section. By listing their certificates, this candidate shows they’re invested in their field even outside of the workplace. 

#7. Graphic Designer CV Example

Graphic Designer CV Example

Here’s what this graphic designer CV does right: 

  • Elaborates on the work experience. The work experience takes up half the page on this CV, showing the hiring manager they’re looking at the CV of a seasoned professional. 
  • Lists personal projects. By listing their personal projects, the candidate shows they’re passionate about their job. 
  • Includes areas of expertise. Being an expert is no easy feat, and this CV example highlights what a hard worker the candidate is by listing them above their technical skills. 

#8. Nurse CV Example

Nurse CV Example

Here’s what this nurse CV does right:

  • Focuses on professional achievements. Achievements speak louder than responsibilities, which is why this CV example puts them in the spotlight. 
  • Uses power words and action verbs. Words like “showcased,” “supervised,” and “adhered” are much more impactful than “managed” or “was responsible for.” 
  • Lists conferences and courses. Medical professionals have always room to grow their careers and, by listing conferences they’ve attended and courses they’ve completed, the candidate shows they’re looking to learn and grow. 

#9. Office Manager CV Example

Office Manager CV Example

Here’s what this office manager CV does right: 

  • Lists awards and achievements separately. This CV example dedicates a separate section to the awards and achievements the candidate is proud of and wants the hiring manager to notice first. 
  • Includes relevant contact information. LinkedIn and Twitter are two of the most “professional” social media profiles that a candidate can include in the contact information section. 
  • Focuses on work experience over education. With extensive work experience under their belt, this candidate keeps their education section brief. 

#10. Sales Associate CV Example

Sales Associate CV

Here’s what this sales associate CV does right: 

  • Great first impression with a well-organized layout. The layout can make a CV look clean and professional or cluttered and messy. This CV template has a well-organized layout that makes the candidate look professional. 
  • Provides tangible results to prove achievements. By adding concrete results, the candidate manages to make their achievements more real and impressive to the hiring manager. 
  • Includes optional sections. “Languages”, “Interests”, and “Conferences and Courses” all add more “meat” to the candidate’s CV. 

#11. Server CV Example

Server CV Example

Here’s what this server CV does right: 

  • Uses bullet points to organize information. Bullet points are a great way to organize information so that the document doesn’t look too cluttered with text and too difficult to read.  
  • Lists all the essential contact information. This CV example focuses on listing only the essential contact information, namely the candidate’s full name, professional email address, phone number, and physical location. 
  • Includes both hard and soft skills. By separating the candidate’s soft and hard skills and keeping both of these sections relevant to the job application, this candidate guarantees the hiring manager notices they’re the right fit for the job. 

#12. Web Developer CV Example 

Web Developer CV Example

Here’s what this web developer CV does right: 

  • Focuses on technical skills. For some professions, technical skills are more important than for others. That’s why this web developer CV highlights the candidate’s technical skills by also including their proficiency level for each skill.
  • Provides results, timeframes, and actions taken for achievements. This CV example makes the candidate’s achievements super impressive by providing numbers, timeframes, and specific actions taken to prove their results.
  • Lists courses and training. By listing their courses and training, this candidate shows that they’re constantly evolving professionally.

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5+ Examples of CV Templates

The CV template you pick will have an impact on what kind of first impression you make on the hiring manager. 

That’s why it’s especially important to pick a template that matches your industry, your career level, and your skills and expertise.

Here are some of our top options to choose from: 

#1. Basic CV Template

Basic CV Template

A basic format with an impactful design that equally highlights all resume sections and allows all your strengths to shine through. 

#2. Professional CV Template

Professional CV Template

Ensure your application looks both modern and professional with this CV template and land the job of your dreams effortlessly. 

#3. Creative CV Template

Creative CV Template

Land the creative role of your dreams with this dynamic CV template made specifically with creative industries in mind. 

#4. Minimalist CV Template

Minimalist CV Template

A well-organized template that lets your achievements and experience do the talking by keeping a minimalistic approach to design. 

#5. Modern CV Template

Modern CV Template

This CV template lets you show your bold side by using modern design elements such as a yellow color, well-aligned vertical and horizontal lines, and symbols. 

#6. Simple CV Template

Simple CV Template

Simplicity is key, so let this template be the key you need to unlock new job opportunities. 

#7. Functional CV Template

Functional CV Template

Do you have a rich professional background full of achievements and skills? Highlight all your strengths in the functional CV template. 

5 CV Examples by Career Level 

#1. College Freshman CV

College Freshman CV

Are you a college freshman looking to score your first gig? Learn how to ace your college freshman CV here. 

#2. No Experience CV

No Experience CV

Having no experience doesn’t mean you can’t land a job. You can learn how to write an amazing CV with no experience through our guide.

#3. Graduate CV

Graduate CV

Finally ready to take on the real world? The first step is to write a stellar graduate CV and land your first “real” gig! 

#4. Career Change CV

Career Change CV

You don’t have to be afraid of a career change if you have the right tools. A strong career change CV can let your strengths shine through, even if you have zero experience with the new field.

#5. Executive CV

Executive CV

Your professional journey doesn’t end once you become an executive. On the contrary - your executive CV needs to be better than ever before. Our guide can show you just how to do that. 

3 Examples of CV Formats

#1. Reverse-Chronological CV Format 

Reverse-Chronological CV Format

The reverse chronological CV format highlights your most recent work experience and achievements and then goes back in time. This one’s the most popular resume format in 2024.

#2. Functional CV Format

Functional CV Format

Are you a student with no work experience, a career changer, or someone with a long employment gap on your CV? Then the functional CV format might be the best choice for you. This format highlights your skills over your work experience, making up for the lack of achievements and responsibilities. 

#3. Combined CV Format 

Combined CV Format

The combined CV format stays true to its name by combining the reverse chronological and functional formats. 

The Perfect CV Structure 

Not sure how to start writing your CV

No worries. 

Whether you’re a seasoned professional whose CV-writing skills got a little rusty through the years or a fresh university graduate, follow our tried-and-tested tips for great results: 

  1. Choose a format or pick a template. In 99.99% of cases, you should go with the reverse-chronological format for your CV and make sure to follow the right layout rules so that your page doesn’t look cluttered and messy. Alternatively, if you don’t want to deal with all the hassle, you can just pick one of the templates listed in this article and have your CV ready in under five minutes.
  2. Start with the contact information section. Your full name and job title, professional email address, and physical location are must-haves when it comes to contact details. Optionally, you can provide links to your LinkedIn profile, Twitter, or GitHub, if you’re a developer. 
  3. Write an attention-grabbing resume summary. A resume summary aims to grab the hiring manager’s attention from the get-go and have them read the rest of your resume. If you’re an entry-level candidate, we recommend going with a resume objective instead. 
  4. Focus on your work experience. The work experience section is arguably the most important section of every CV. Make your shine by focusing on your achievements rather than on your responsibilities and providing quantifiable results whenever possible! 
  5. List your soft and hard skills. Soft skills are just as important in the workplace as hard skills. Make sure to include all your relevant skills on your CV, but don’t make the mistake of listing skills just for the sake of having them. You want to make sure every skill you list is tailored to the position you’re applying for. 
  6. Keep your education section short and to the point. Unless you have no work experience whatsoever, your education section shouldn’t be too elaborate. Listing the name of your highest degree, institution name, and years attended is more than enough. 
  7. Leverage optional sections. Sections like “Languages,” “Certifications, “Awards,” “Personal Projects,” etc., are not mandatory but can certainly add a lot of value to your CV. If you’re competing against candidates with similar work experience and skills as yours, you can rest assured that the optional sections will make the difference!

FAQs About CV Examples

Are you still looking for more information? Take a look at the answers to the most popular questions about CV examples:

Q — 

1. How are these CV examples created?

Novorésumé, together with leading HR specialists and recruitment experts, created all the CV examples in this article. We carefully chose the CV design and contents to make sure they meet the standards for their respective industries worldwide.

You can model your own CV after one of the provided examples by using Novorésumé’s CV builder. Start by picking a template and looking at examples of CVs for your industry, and then use the CV examples for inspiration when writing your own.

Q — 

2. Can a CV be two pages?

Unless you have over 5+ years of extremely relevant work experience or you’re applying for a management position, your CV shouldn’t extend past one page. 

Add only your most recent experience and achievements, and make sure to focus on the most relevant information for the job you’re applying to.

Nearly 50% of hiring managers say that overly long CVs get candidates rejected, while 17% think two pages are a deal breaker.

Q — 

3. How do I write an attractive CV?

There are several things you can do to create an attractive CV.

For starters, you should make sure you follow the right layout rules in terms of margins, font size, and style, line spacing, etc. Alternatively, you can opt for a CV template and skip all the design hassle. A professional CV template offers you the chance to get an attractive CV, in less than five minutes.

That said, you should also make sure that your CV sections are well-aligned and relevant to the position you’re applying for.

If a hiring manager looks at your CV and thinks it looks good but then starts reading it and sees its contents are of-point, they will not find your CV attractive. 

Q — 

4. What is the CV structure for 2024?

The ideal CV structure for 2024 is: 

  1. Contact information
  2. CV summary/objective
  3. Work experience
  4. Skills
  5. Education
  6. Optional sections (languages, certificates, awards, etc.)


In conclusion, CV examples and guides are invaluable tools for any job seeker, regardless of their role or the industry they’re in. 

They can provide a benchmark for crafting a professional CV that demonstrates optimal structure, format, and content. 

We hope that our selection of CV examples and guides does just that for you and helps you have a successful job hunt! 

For more career advice and resources, visit our career blog!