Barbie’s One-Page Resume (by Novorésumé)

27 December 2023
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When you hear the word “Barbie,” you probably imagine her Malibu mansion and trademark pink convertible.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

She’s Barbie, and she’s done it all.

She’s one of the most accomplished career women in the world. 

She’s been a nurse, a baker, a business executive, a figure skater, a pilot, an engineer, a soldier, a teacher, and so much more. 

To honor her inspiring career (and celebrate the new movie), we created Barbie’s one-page resume, covering some of the most interesting jobs she’s worked.

Let’s take a look!

Barbie’s Resume Example

barbie one page resume

Impressive, right?

Now let’s dive into Barbie’s rich career history.

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Barbie’s Beginnings

Today, Barbie is known worldwide and is valued at $700 million as of this year. But her story has humble beginnings.

Before she became an inspiration to millions around the world, Barbie was a revolutionary idea that almost didn’t happen. No one believed that she could capture the hearts and minds of children, let alone have flexible joints.

But Barbie has always been ambitious and never let anyone stop her. Despite the obstacles along the way, the beloved trend-setting fashionista made her first appearance in 1959 and changed the face of the toy industry forever.

Now, over 60 years down the line, Barbie has over 200 confirmed careers to her name - and the same passion for fashion and business know-how. 

And she has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Let’s check out some of Barbie’s most impressive career accomplishments so far!

This Barbie Breaks Barriers!

Every time Barbie makes an appearance, she does something new and exciting. She’s never afraid to try and excels at every career.

Through her endlessly evolving career path, Barbie has single-handedly challenged gender stereotypes during her decades in the job market. She encourages young minds to think big, work hard, and pursue their dreams no matter what.

Here are some of Barbie’s most challenging careers, where she defied stereotypes and made it out on top:

  • Business executive. Barbie started out as a model in 1959 and shortly after, she became a business executive. That’s no small achievement - at the time there weren’t many women working as business executives but Barbie never let that stop her.
  • Astronaut. You know Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin went to the moon in 1969. But did you know that Barbie went there a full four years before them, back in 1965?
  • Pilot. After working as a flight attendant since 1966, Barbie decided it was time for a change and became a certified Barbie Airlines pilot in 1989.
  • US Presidential Candidate. Barbie put her leadership skills and charisma to good use in 1992 when she became a presidential candidate.
  • Paratrooper. Looking for a new challenge, Barbie joined the military and earned her jump wings in the year 2000. Her bravery and commitment made her a great soldier.
  • Builder. Never one to shy away from hard work and manual labor, Barbie loves getting things done with her own hands. In 2017 she joined a construction team and became a builder.
  • Robotics Engineer. Barbie has a mind for innovation and endless curiosity, so in 2018, she joined a cutting-edge robotics research team at Barbie Labs.
  • Chief Sustainability Officer. Barbie came a long way since her early days as a business executive. In 2022, she got the promotion of a lifetime - she became the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) of Barbie Inc.

Community Centered Careers

Barbie is strong, confident, and always ready to help people. And her career reflects that!

If there’s one thing Barbie loves, it’s helping others.

So here are some of the jobs she’s had that give the most back to her community:

  • Nurse. One of Barbie’s first jobs after her debut was back in 1961 when she started working as a nurse.
  • Surgeon. Barbie was always ambitious, and she knew she could help even more people if she went back to medical school. After she finished her residency, she became a successful surgeon in 1973.
  • Veterinarian. By 1985, Barbie had a lot of animal friends. To make sure they would always be taken care of, she became a veterinarian.
  • Doctor. After years of practicing medicine, in 1988 Barbie started her own private practice as a doctor.
  • UNICEF Ambassador. Barbie is a diplomat and a strategic thinker, so in 1989 she took the opportunity to become a UNICEF ambassador to help as many children around the world as she could.
  • Police Officer. Maintaining law and order in Barbieville inspired Barbie to protect and serve her community in 1993.
  • Lifeguard. During her long walks across Malibu beach, Barbie realized she wanted to help beachgoers feel safe. She became a certified lifeguard in 1994.
  • Superhero. Barbie embraced her inner superhero in 1995 and decided to fight injustice head-on and help everyone in need with her special abilities.
  • Wildlife conservationist. Inspired by her love for animals and the environment, Barbie dedicated herself to preserving endangered species and their habitats in 2019.
  • Paramedic. In 2021, Barbie’s passion for helping others led her to provide expert medical assistance and life-saving care to those who need it most. Her patience, compassion, and ability to work well under pressure shine through as a paramedic.

Honorable Mentions

Barbie has so many careers, it’s simply impossible to list them all in one article.

She’s tried her hand at sports, law, high-level business and so much more. In the past years, Barbie’s been trying out more STEM fields and inspiring millions to do the same.

So here are some of Barbie’s other careers that deserve an honorable mention:

  • Firefighter. Barbie is brave and always ready to face danger head-on, so in 1993 she became a firefighter for the first time.
  • Sign Language Teacher. In 1999, Barbie decided to go back to teaching. But this time she devoted herself to sign language and providing accessible learning for all students.
  • Race car driver. Barbie loves cars, so when the opportunity came up in 2010, she became a race car driver and won several trophies.
  • Cake baker. In 2014, Barbie opened her own cake shop and made some of the most delicious confections and cakes in Malibu.
  • Aircraft Engineer. Years of technical experience and studying made Barbie a great aircraft engineer. In 2019 she started working on the planes at Barbie Airlines.
  • Judge. Barbie is hardworking, fair, and believes in justice. So in 2019, after she earned her law degree, she passed the bar and became a judge.
  • Boxer. Sports are amongst Barbie’s favorite hobbies, and she’s gone pro several times. But in 2020 she decided to step into the boxing ring and fight her way to a championship title.
  • Renewable energy engineer. One of Barbie’s biggest career milestones is becoming a renewable energy engineer in 2022. She’s innovative, motivated, and determined to find sustainable solutions to the world’s energy needs.


Barbie has left her mark on the world, and she’s undoubtedly one of the most accomplished workers out there. Whether it’s saving lives or baking pies, she’s done it all and put in the effort to get where she is today.

And since Barbie is always an inspiration, and we hope you feel inspired to keep growing in your career, too.

Challenge yourself to grow, try something new, and be ready to overcome any obstacles along your way.

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