How To Prepare for Generation Z - 7 Facts [Infographic]

30 August 2017
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Generation Z (Gen Z) Facts

In the shifting world of rapid digitalization, companies are also on the verge of major transformation. At present, we see the workforce as a colourful mix of the so-called Baby Boomers - everyone born between the mid-1940s and early 1960s; Generation X who are currently between 34 and 55 years old; and Millennials - latest born in 1995. 

But the truth is, that there is one more generation quickly penetrating the job market - Generation Z. Researchers have discovered that there are some considerable differences in the behaviour of those who remember 9/11 and those who don’t, taking the events of 2001 as a defining moment of contemporary life. 

Generation Z, or iGen as some call them, amount to nearly 2 billion people worldwide. Although they might still be teenagers or just in the beginning of their 20s, they are shaping the way businesses function. 

On the one hand, marketers need to use innovative methods of advertising to target the newest addition to their customer segment. 

On the other hand, some companies have already started, and others will soon start hiring Gen Z employees, and they should promptly adapt to the altered working style.

Nowadays teens have grown up with technology, and sooner or later digital natives will significantly exceed any other workforce, enterprises can expect a shift in the working week as we know it shortly. The digital era gives the opportunity to work remotely and not be tied to a particular office space. When it comes to business communication, Gen Zs surprise with the desire for more personal interaction.

Money comes as a less important factor for Generation Zs who have experienced a Recession early in their lives. This is likely to influence Gen Z’s practicality compared to their parents and grandparents. We advise companies to prepare for a more entrepreneurial spirit with a focus on improving business and professional success.

iGen is also perceived to be the most educated and sophisticated generation, with high impact on the globalization and socialization of the world as we know it. All these facts led us to the conclusion that a radical disruption is on its way.

Even though larger part of Gen Zs is still in the educational system, it is expected that in the next decade they will fill 1 of every 5 work positions. Thus, future employers and co-workers might want to prepare for the upcoming generation and their peculiarities.

To help organizations adapt to the forthcoming generation of employees, we’ve created an infographic displaying seven significant traits of Generation Z and how companies should react. 

generation z infographic

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