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Remember the Puzzle You Were Very Proud Of?

A resume is much like a puzzle. A lot of information that must come together to create an image. Arranging the pieces in the right order may be a challenge, however, our intuitive resume builder will help you find the ones that match.


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Focus On the Content

All this means that you have more time to focus on what’s really important – the content. We help you there also by providing helpful tips for each section in our professional resume builder. Our content optimizer analyzes your content and offers live revision ideas and suggestions that will increase the quality of the content.

All the Sections You Need

From now on it is not necessary to think about what sections you should include in the resume at different stages of your career. This challenge was taken care of by consulting employers and recruiters; therefore the sections are positioned in such a way that the most important ones are noticed instantly, increasing your chances of being called for an interview.

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  • We strive to improve and increase the level of our services all the time. Alongside our resume builder, the following elements of value are provided for your:

Free Features

The Basic/Free Account can be used for free by everyone in order to create a modern resume.

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Increase Your Personal Brand

By creating your professional resume and a matching cover letter, you will have a superior application and personal brand that will increase the chances of you achieving your goal.

Layout Optimization and Live View Mode

Depending on how much content you have written on one page, our creative resume builder will make sure that all the sections are aligned in the proper way. The spacing and the font size is properly set to increase the readability of your application, ensuring that your strengths and achievements are noticed immediately. You can see live how your resume looks like while writing your personal information, making it easy to have the overall picture all the time.

Professional Tips, Examples and Live Feedback

While writing your content, we offer as inspiration for each section professional tips and examples for every specific section in your resume so you will never run out of inspiration.

Big congratulations John! Simply adjust the latest revisions and your resume will be flawless.

More Benefits

Automated Synchronization

Your information is synchronized inside a data set or a new language pack; allowing you to easily modify and update your documents at any time in just one place.

Data Protection

We use high-security measures to keep your data secure and do NOT sell or trade it with any third party since we highly value your online privacy.

Save Time And Money

Through our intuitive process, using the Free/Basic features you can create a resume in under 10 minutes, and you do not have to spend the time to learn how to do it from scratch and pay for the necessary tools to do it.


The Premium Features can be tested and used in the Basic Account, and you can upgrade your profile only when satisfied with the final product.

Design & Functionality

Our templates follow all the principles suggested by recruiters, but also follow a modern and minimalistic design making them eye-catching with an increased readability.

Multiple Languages

You can write your information in any language, since all the fields are editable, including the level of expertise in the Languages section.

A Cover Letter to Match Your Resume

You can easily craft a Cover Letter that will perfect match your resume, since it is highly recommended to use the same style in order to create the perfect job application.

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A Well-Structured Resume is More Likely to Be Noticed

Using our resume builder, you can easily create a modern resume that tells your story and increases your chances to get that interview you’ve been waiting for.

Our templates are tailored to fit the positions you are applying for. Layouts are thoughtfully designed, without excessive fonts, colors, and formatting.

Our Templates are Approved by Recruiters

In our process of designing templates’ structure extensive research has been conducted and then with the approval of the recruiters was decided where the most important sections should be positioned in order to increase the impact of your application.

Recruitment professionals helped to create the tips that are offered for you and the content for our video tutorials that assist you in the process of writing the content of your resume.


Create a Triple Win

  • 1

    We are driven by the desire to improve and simplify a product that has been around for decades.

  • 2

    Help you create a professional application that will increase the chances of getting the job you always dreamed about.

  • 3

    Saving recruiters time when having to review hundreds of applications because of the easy to read layout and structure.


What do they have to say about our product?

Waqas Akbar

Transformation Program Manager at Google

I want to share my success story with you. I was a resume freak and created some MS Word-based templates for myself. None worked too well until I built my resume using Novorésumé in April 2016. One week after using the resume I got interview calls from Google. It was an amazing help to take my resume to next level. Thanks for the great work.

Linn Mollberg

Junior Marketing Assistant

With sleek designs and an easy to use online tool, Novorésumé allowed me to quickly build and edit a professional resume with a personal touch, which ultimately helped me to get my dream job. I am now relocating to Barcelona to work for a top tier company. I strongly recommend Novorésumé’s Resume and Cover Letter editor to all job seekers out there.

Kirk Long

Intern at StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson

I just wanted to thank you for your great service--I landed a dream internship at StarTalk Radio with Neil deGrasse Tyson, and one of the things my boss remarked to me was that my resume stood out (both for content and visual appeal) and I think that credit should really mostly go to you. I've been working for StarTalk for almost a year and just thought I should write you to say thanks!

Yuki Lin

Government & Community Relations at Airbnb

Novorésumé offered a much needed facelift to the same, dull resume I've been using for years. I've received nothing but positive feedback on the new look from friends, colleagues, and recruiters. Editing the resume is quick, seamless, and done all online so you never have to worry about a hard copy again!

Hicham Berkouk

Programming Laboratory Instructor - University of Bejaia

Your skill set won't help you a lot to land your dream job if you do not have an effective resume.I spent a whole year trying different types of templates without success.The moment I used Novorésumé templates I started receiving positive responses from recruiters and was able to have my first job.

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  • By using our templates, users got their dream job at companies such as:

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