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Every job search starts with making a resume. Unsure how to make a resume? Our online resume creator gives you free resume templates to follow.

Advantages of using a resume builder

A Resume Layout With Visual Appeal

A creative, professional layout will stand out with recruiters. Our resume layout optimiser ensures all your resume content is organised and aligned so your resume looks like it was professionally designed.

Instant Feedback to Improve Resume Content

Not sure how to write a resume? We can help. Our content optimiser assesses your resume while you write and provides recommendations to improve the quality of your resume content.

Templates Suited to Your Precise Needs

Our free resume templates and cover letter templates do the work for you. Select from a variety of recruiter-approved layouts customised to different job types.

Free cover Letter and Resume Samples

Building your resume for free is just one of the benefits we give you. You also get access to successful resume examples and cover letter samples to use as guidance.

How it works

Take your application to a higher level

Want even more job application tools? Sign up for a low-cost Premium account to create multiple CVs and get access to more design features. Premium is also suited to professionals with lenghty CVs. You can even trial the Premium features for free.

Need an amazing cover letter to accompany your resume? Use one of our coverling letter templates to give employers the complete package. Your resume and cover letter will have a consistent design and font, making them them the perfect pair.