If there is a way to do it better,

we will find it.

Our Motto:

“Resumes. As they should be.”

After doing extensive research, our resume templates follow the rules required by recruiters. Using one of these templates will increase your chances of getting to that interview you were always waiting for.


Our story

Everything started when one of the co-founders got hired by a very important company in Denmark at a stage when he did not have prior work experience. Instead, he created a well-designed and structured resume that focused more on his skills and got the attention of the employer.

After that appeared the idea of creating a website where normal users could simply select a modern resume template. Following a simple and intuitive process, everyone can insert their information without needing graphic design or editing skills.

Through trial and error, the team created a web application that makes it possible for everyone to create a professional resume that is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. After numerous times testing it, the Beta version of Novorésumé was launched on 22nd of February 2016.

In April 2016 the team successfully proved the concept of “Less is More” by creating a one-page resume for Elon Musk with one of the templates available for free on the platform. The story doesn't end here. At the moment the team is working to provide you the fastest and most reliable online resume editor to save you time and money.

Novorésumé Team

Cristian Letai

Cristian Letai

Head of Design

Cristian Letai is the designer and likes when everything around him is well-organized and that everything follows the basic principles of design.

He has a keen eye for details and likes when everything is where it should be. In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games to relax and find inspiration for future designs.

A fan of electric cars and sustainable energy, he thinks we should do everything we can to decrease pollution and help our beautiful planet.

Stefan Polexe

Stefan Polexe

Head of Development

Stefan Polexe is the developer and coordinator. Sometimes considered a wizard by his team-mates for his ability to make our visions and ideas come true on the screen and accessible to the users.

As a developer, he always searches and analysis people's needs before building the next functionality as each feature should have a noble purpose. He always thrives to find the perfect balance between functionality and design.

In the free time, he visits his home "Muscel," to get energized by the fresh air of the Carpathian Mountains.

Andrei Kurtuy

Andrei Kurtuy

Head of Marketing and Research

Andrei Kurtuy is the researcher and marketer. Having worked as a librarian assistant for 2 and a half years he likes being around books and studying/researching people's needs and desires. He likes to connect the dots from multiple fields and discover what people want.

Born an idealist and optimist he believes we should always try to search for change and make everything around us more efficient and simple. He enjoys reading, especially biographies, trying to imagine how other successful people would solve the problems his team is facing.




A young professional business administrator with a keen interest towards marketing and sales, trying all the time to improve everything around him.



Enjoys finding a creative way of matching people with the jobs they deserve. When needed, she is ready to act as an internal HR responsible.

Arnar Þór


A passionate entrepreneur that strives to provide outstanding customer service, with a focus on building an enthusiastic professional relationship.


The work we do and the reason behind it

What drives us most is the desire of improving and simplifying a product that has been around for decades, but still represents a challenge for most of us.

Our primary focus is to help you create a professional resume that will help you get the job you have always dreamed about. But at the same time, with our intuitive and easier to read resume structures we aim to save recruiters time when having to review hundreds of applications. It's a triple win.

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