9 Highest Paid Part-time Jobs for Students [Infographic]

2017 September 27
2 min read

Best part-time jobs for students

Completing a bachelor’s degree and working at the same time is not an easy task. If you can rely on scholarships or student loans to cover your tuition fee, and on your parents to take care of your living costs, you might argue that you don’t need a job. 

However, at a certain age young people want to feel financially independent. Whether you need the money to pay your bills or would like to earn some extra money to buy these jeans you like so much, having a part-time job can have a positive effect on both your bank account and your self-confidence. Besides the fiscal part, here are a few other benefits of having a student job while studying.

Earn Extra, Explore More

Earning your own money can surely boost your confidence, but it can also make your life more exciting. Remember the trip you have been dreaming about? Or this fancy new restaurant you wanted to visit? When you have an additional income, you can afford to indulge yourself more often. If you now think that when you get a job, you’ll have less time to explore the world, just keep reading.

Learn How to Manage Your Money and Time

Even though every job requires a degree of time, you become better at managing your schedule when you’re busier. Having a personal calendar with important deadlines, school and work projects, social events, etc. can be of great help. 

Money management is also a skill that people obtain at a different point in their life. The sooner you learn how to spend your money wisely, the better. 

Expand Your Network

Meeting new people at your college or university is an excellent way to broaden your network. So is it at your workplace. Regardless of the position you have, working part-time allows you to socialize better and encounter people with diverse backgrounds. 

Improve Your Résumé 

Last but not least, working while still studying can give you a competitive advantage - your future employer will be impressed by your extensive résumé. Nowadays, both education and professional experience are valued equally. But while many can have a bachelor’s diploma, only a few will graduate with a certain real work experience. Would you miss the opportunity to be ahead of the competition?

In case you have already started looking for part-time jobs, let us help you. 

We found out that some popular student jobs such as waiter, cashier, deliverer, or babysitter are being replaced by more flexible jobs where students can choose their working hours. Some of these jobs not only allow you to work from home on your computer, but are also with a higher hourly wage. Also, the jobs listed in the infographic below can help you develop relevant 21st-century skills and will look great on your modern résumé.

part time jobs for students infographic

In case you would like to see even more part-time jobs that you can have a student, you can check the following list containing 31 high paying jobs for students.