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One-page Résumé of Elon Musk

10 Dec 2016 - Andrei Kurtuy - Famous Résumés 1 min read

Elon Musk does not need a long introduction. Recently he was nominated as the most admired CEO in tech in a recent survey conducted on more than 700 startups. It is not hard to see why he is so admired, since he is the most important person when talking about electric cars, space exploration and alternative energy.

He is also one of the person that our team appreciates and respects deeply, therefore we wanted to share with you the résumé we have created for him this spring showcasing all his great achievements!

You can find this exact template here.

elon musk one page resumeSource: novoresume.com

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Andrei Kurtuy - Co-founder at Novorésumé

Andrei Kurtuy is the researcher and marketeer at Novorésumé. He likes to connect the dots from multiple fields and discover what people actually want. Born an idealist and optimist he believes we should always try to search for change and make everything around us more effective and simple.

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